Why I Stopped Blogging — And Why I’m Back

Please enjoy all the wonderful throwback photos in this post! I started blogging here on October 2, 2010. It was a Saturday, and I’d just returned from my longest run ever: 13.3 miles around the southern tip of Manhattan. I didn’t even know it was my longest run ever until I returned to my midtown […]

Ali on the Run Show Episode 58: Theodora Blanchfield of Preppy Runner

Ali on the Run Show Episode 58: Theodora Blanchfield of Preppy Runner

“It was this weird moment of knowing I was on the precipice of my entire life being about to change. And that was terrifying. The moment I had been the most scared of my entire life was about to come, but somehow I would be OK.” Theodora Blanchfield is the creator of the blog Preppy […]

Ali on the Run Show Episode 50: Janae Baron

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 50 Guest: Janae Baron Listen on iTunes I SoundCloud I Overcast I Stitcher I Google Play This week, I am thrilled to welcome to the Ali on the Run Show my dear friend — and everyone’s favorite running blogger — Janae Baron! Before we get to that, please join me in congratulating Janae and her family on the […]

Reflections On 7 Years Of Blogging

Every year I say I’m going to remember my blog’s birthday so I can do some reflecting. And every year, the calendar reaches mid-October and I realize that, yet again, I forgot. I launched Ali on the Run on October 2, 2010. I was 25 years old, working at my dream job in New York […]

Taking Responsibility

Only you can determine your self-worth. Go with me on this one, OK? It’s about to get a little heavy up in here. (We’re taking a slight break from the running talk because, um, I haven’t really been doing much of it.) At the kickoff to 2013, I declared my lofty New Year’s Resolutions. I’m […]

I’m Still Here

So we’re on board with being thankful, yeah? Mostly. Whenever. Sometimes. Thank you for the honest feedback yesterday. Whether you love or loathe the grateful day, it’s always good to know where your head is at. Especially since most of the time I have absolutely no idea where my own head is at. I think […]

My Promises To You

Sometimes blogging is a really wonderful thing. I get to ramble on and on about running and Crohnsing and whatever’s on my mind. It’s cool having my own little place here on the magical Internet where I’m not confined by editors or assignments or word counts. But other times, blogging is weird. I wake up […]

My Return To Long Runs

Good morning! Ali On The Run looks a little different today, right? The blog makeover is still a work in progress, but many hours were spent over the weekend moving this little blog to actually being self-hosted, and doing the whole redesign thing. Those hours were not spent by me, though I was on hand […]

Ali On Blogging

It took me a long time to work up the courage to start blogging. I forget how I even came across the whole “Healthy Living Blog” community, but once I found one or two blogs I liked, I was hooked. Soon I was devoting tons of time every day to reading, learning and, admittedly, obsessing. […]

Ali Turns 1

I remember the day I finally started Ali On The Run. I had been reading lots of “healthy living” and running-focused blogs at the time and wanted to get in on the action. I’m a paid writer and editor by day, but finding my blogging voice — and figuring out exactly what I wanted my […]