Why You Should Not Use Google

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but I’ve been claiming “injury” for a while now, particularly after that magical 10-miler in Central Park 11 days ago. First, there was some hip pain. Then there was a little soreness behind my knee. And then, what I was convinced were shin splints that would inevitably […]

Change Of Address

Oh you thought you were sick of my sunrise photos before? Well I have a new home, and now I wake up to this: I’m a little bit obsessed. Waking up is fun! So, I moved this weekend. I’m all Cloud Niney today, which is a term used to describe “happiness and also a lack […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Woo!!!!!

Can you handle all the exclamation points? Hello, and Happy Thankful Things Thursday! Sometimes I keep a list during the week of things to be thankful for when the “holiday” rolls around. Other times I just wing it. You can probably tell the difference most weeks. So this week has been one of those weeks […]

Ali On The Ride (Plus A Legwarmer Giveaway!)

OMG hi. Today, I rode a bike. Not a spin bike. A real bike, with those curly-looking handlebars and real gears that shift. It was awesome. I hope you are prepared to hear every single detail about my morning ride. So remember on Monday when the hip/knee/shin/cholera doctor told me that maybe I should chill […]

Taper To-Do List

You know what’s awesome? Four day work weeks. You know what’s not awesome? I had my first marathon nightmare last night. I didn’t have a place to stay the night before the race, and then when I finally got a room it was in a sketchy basement of some weird dorm and then some other […]

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Um…Can every weekend be a long weekend? Everything about the past few days has been perfect. Since we last caught up, I’ve been to 16 Handles… I’ve been to Brooklyn… …and — surprise, Mom! — I’ve been to New Hampshire. It’s been a whirlwind weekend, but here’s a bit more about why it was so […]