Ali On Wheels

Yesterday I went roller skating. Today I am somehow alive to tell about it. But let’s backtrack, because before I went roller skating, I stuffed my face with cupcakes. You see, I didn’t have to work yesterday due to the aftermath of Lady Irene, the Hurricane Ho. While she didn’t cause much tragedy in NYC, […]

3-Day Work Weeks

I’ll admit it — I haven’t worked a whole lot in December. Don’t get me wrong: When I’m in the office, I’m making my hours count. I work my booty off, I’m productive and I truly enjoy what I do. But with an abundance of vacation, personal and sick days left — and just two […]

Ali is on the RUN!

This day is flying by and it’s been productive, stressful, crazy and awesome! I’m breaking my “Do Not Blog at Work” rules for a quick update, because I needed to take a little breather. It felt so good to get into bed early last night. ABS and I were tucked in by 8:45 pm! We […]

I Survived My First Day!

Well, so far at least. As productive as ABS and I were all weekend, there was (and is) still so much to be done at the apartment! We got to bed fairly early last night and, as predicted, I didn’t sleep very well. I knew I’d be giddy in the morning, with a new running […]