Party Time: Our Wedding Reception!

All the wedding recaps in one place, because we live in an “In Case You Missed It” world… The Week The Stress The Prep The Ceremony And now: The Party! When Brian and I started wedding planning, we learned very quickly that it’s insane. Places, whether they’re traditional wedding venues or empty warehouse spaces, charge you […]

Making It Official: Our Wedding Ceremony

Today, I’m here to talk about our wedding ceremony. Here’s what we’ve already covered… The One Where It’s Wedding Week The One With All The Stress The One Where We Get Ready In Onesies A bit of background about our ceremony and our priorities: Brian and I are not religious. My dad’s side of the […]

Wedding Day!

Catching up? Here’s what you may have missed (or purposely skipped because maybe you’re mat at me? I don’t know): Kicking off Wedding Week! Surviving the last two days before the Big Day. The night before our wedding — and the whole week leading up to it — felt a lot like the night before a […]

The Two Days Before

The two days before our wedding were two of the most intense, stressful days I can recall. Nothing traumatic or tragic happened — not by any means. In fact, we were pretty much sticking exactly to the schedule we had mapped out, which is practically unheard of for both Brian and my parents. #goteampunctual There […]

Wedding Week!

This is your official warning: The time has come to write about The Wedding. I have so much to say (such a surprise!), so I’m breaking it all down into many posts over several days. If you typically come here for the running stuff (which has been mostly MIA since like 2012…) or the Crohn’s […]

Go Team Cristiano!

“Was it everything you dreamed it would be?” That’s what everyone keeps asking me today — referring of course to yesterday, September 26, 2015, the day Brian and I got married. And truthfully? No. Because you can’t dream that shit up. After 10 months of planning and the excitingly busiest week of my whole life, […]

Hey. What’s Up? Hello!

Yesterday, I called to make an appointment to get a spray tan — my first spray tan ever, very reluctantly — because I have a bad case of “summer running” on my back and my wedding dress is not, in fact, in the shape of a Lululemon Cool Racerback top. The nice woman on the […]

A Little Peek At My Bridal Shower

I don’t know how to write this post without being overly cheesy and sappy and gushy. If you are having an “I’m angry and I want to stay that way” kind of day, I suggest proceeding with caution. My whole life, I insisted I wouldn’t have a bridal shower. But my mom was always like, […]

My Many Stages of Wedding Planning

I’ve gone through several stages of wedding planning. The first stage, immediately post-engagement, was EXCITEMENT. Everything was love love love and I was happy and glowing (“glowing” = riding a steady champagne buzz for the first month of our engagement) and couldn’t wait to start the planning process. What kind of wedding would we have?! […]

An Update On That Party We’re Planning

“We should play ‘Welcome to New York’ when everyone is arriving at the reception!” “Like…the Taylor Swift song?” “Yeah!” To clarify, the first and third lines above were said by Brian. I was the one questioning whether he was aware that he did, in fact, choose a Taylor Swift song to welcome our guests, and […]

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