Thankful Things Thursday: For When We Really Need It

Ugh. This week. It feels like it’s been one terrible, sad, tragic, heartbreaking news story after another. And with every news story comes outrage, and by outrage I mostly mean rabid debates on social media. (Were people this mean and nasty before the internet came around? I honestly don’t know. But man…) I am someone […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Running & Puppies

I was in a pretty foul mood this morning. Life is so hard. I got to bed late last night, so I chose not to go to yoga this morning as planned. I was stressing over my schedule and trying to figure out how to get everything done on time, and then Ellie was being a […]

Happy Thankful Things Thursday!

Yesterday, my friend Tory told me that every day after she wakes up, she thinks of 10 things for which she is grateful. Every. Single. Day. How lovely is that? I would love to claim I’m going to implement that same pumped-up practice in my own life, but let’s be realistic — lately I’m lucky if […]

Throwback Thankful Things Thursday!

Do you remember Thankful Things Thursday?! I swear I’m still a good, honest, grateful person (well, most days). I just don’t do such a good, honest, grateful job of writing about my thankfulness. Today that. all. changes. Today is the triumphant return of my beloved Thankful Things Thursday. Without further blah blah, here we go! […]

The Triumphant Return Of Thankful Things Thursday

Big things are happening. Huge. On Tuesday, I ran to work! It was cold and wonderful. My first morning run! On Wednesday, I fully reacquainted myself with public transportation. I rode the subway three times and took the bus once. Guess how many cabs I took? I took zero cabs. [Insert big sigh of relief […]

Thankful Things Thursday: To You

Remember Thankful Things Thursday?! No? I know, it’s been a while (since April, to be exact). Probably because for the solid majority of this year, I felt thankful for very little. I remember one day, during my gluten-free, dairy-free, “I will do whatever it takes to get better at this point” phase feeling thankful for […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Day 10

The food’ll come out…tomorrow!!! Thank goodness. Yes, I made it to Day 10 of the juice cleanse. On that note alone, I think we can jump right into the recently-neglected Thankful Things Thursday. I’m thankful I get to chew food tomorrow. Before you start thinking I did something impressive by surviving a 10-day juice cleanse, […]

Thankful Things Thursday: I’m Doing My Best

Ohh I am not feeling thankful today. Sucks, right? Instead I am feeling pretty awful. Minus the “pretty” part. Physically I’m deteriorating. Mentally I’m not far behind. The other day, when I first started feeling really sick, I remember thinking to myself, “I’m handling this remarkably well. Work is beyond insane — the craziest, busiest […]

Thankful Things Thursday: On Love, Baby Carrots & Sweatshirts

Oh, Crohn’s. You just don’t want to let up, do you? Fortunately, I can put up a pretty strong fight. So I may be slightly sidelined from life today, but tomorrow’s a new one, and I’m here to make the best of how I’m feeling today. Which is awesome. No, I don’t feel awesome. I […]

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