Answering questions about my dream home, dream podcast guests, and dreams for the future.

10 Little Things I’m Loving Right Now

Long day. Long week. Long month. Long year, huh? But hey, it’s Friday! And that’s cool! (I know people make jokes that every day is the same right now, but I’m down to celebrate Friday if you are!) I was really intentional this week about shifting my mindset. About focusing on the positive. About not […]

How Are You Doing?

How are you doing, really? I asked that question on Instagram on Monday. I was having a hard day, at the end of what had been a pretty challenging nine-day stretch on the personal front. So I think I asked in part because I do genuinely care how my internet friends are doing, but also […]

In Times Like These…

My brain hurts. I am exhausted. I told myself that as soon as Annie went to bed last night, I’d sit down at my computer and hammer out as much work as possible. Instead, I sat down and stared at a blank screen. I got four minutes and 48 seconds into editing a podcast episode […]

February 11

I love February 11. A nothing-special day on the calendar to most people, I’m sure. But for me, February 11 is a life-changing day. Nine years ago — February 11, 2011 — I was in a bad relationship. I didn’t yet realize how bad it was, but in the days that followed, including Valentine’s Day, […]

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