Annie & Ellie

Anyone who has known me for more than .02 seconds knows that I am one of those people. My dog, Ellie, is my child. She’s my baby. My first-born. She doesn’t go to “doggy daycare” — we call it “school.” And the people who work there are her “teachers.” Ellie completes me. She is my best […]

Fridays With #POTUS Ellie

PUPPY OF THE UNITED STATES. But first, a little something unrelated to the rest of this post.  I haven’t really gotten political here. Other than a few Tweets here and there, I’ve generally kept my feelings about the current political climate and state of affairs off my blog — not because it’s not all really important right […]

Fridays With Ellie: What The World Needs Now Is Dogs, Cute Dogs

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been really struggling with my sleep lately. I think I can pinpoint a handful of reasons that’s happening, including my inability to find the perfect pillow for my ever-changing sleep positions, plus the fact that 60-pound Ellie likes snoozing on top of me. But I also think (fine, know) it’s because […]

Fridays With Ellie: The Healthiest One In The Bunch

First, Ellie had surgery. Then I got food poisoning. Now Brian seems to have it. Who wants to come visit West New York?! We’ve been a rotating rough bunch over here lately, but Ellie bounced back from her surgery beautifully, and I’m feeling 90 percent well today. My stomach still just feels weird, like there’s still […]

Fridays With Gap-Toothed Ellie

My poor puppy! As I mentioned yesterday, Ellie had some surgery on Tuesday to remove a “kissing wart” and to extract two of her chipped little bottom teeth. “Poor puppy” = she has not been phased in the slightest by this procedure. She’s as happy and active and psyched about life as normal. (So thinking it was […]

Thankful Things Thursday: For When We Really Need It

Ugh. This week. It feels like it’s been one terrible, sad, tragic, heartbreaking news story after another. And with every news story comes outrage, and by outrage I mostly mean rabid debates on social media. (Were people this mean and nasty before the internet came around? I honestly don’t know. But man…) I am someone […]

What I’m Watching, Writing, Reading, Eating, Loving, & Listening To Lately

Happy Monday! First, here’s a picture of Ellie. She’s sad that I never got around to a Fridays With Ellie post last week. Now, here’s a bit of life lately… Feeling: Good! Healthy! I’m feeling pretty tired on account of these seemingly never-ending seasonal allergies (enough is enough), but other than that I’m excited for […]

Fridays With Ellie: Road-Tripping, Swimming, & Race Spectating!

What day is it? Friday! What does that mean? Fridays With Ellie! Our little monster has been living her best life these days. She’s been to Washington, D.C., where she got to hang out with her puppy cousin, Ranger, and took a road trip to New Hampshire, where she had so much fun with her […]

Ali Lately

Sometimes I like to blog about important things, wordy things, and emotional things. Other times, I just like to be more mindless about it all, vomiting my words all over the internet. Today is one of those latter times. Here’s a look at life lately. Running: Yeah, I’m doing what I can. No real changes here. […]

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