Thankful Things Thursday: Day 10

The food’ll come out…tomorrow!!! Thank goodness. Yes, I made it to Day 10 of the juice cleanse. On that note alone, I think we can jump right into the recently-neglected Thankful Things Thursday. I’m thankful I get to chew food tomorrow. Before you start thinking I did something impressive by surviving a 10-day juice cleanse, […]

An Update On The Great Juice Cleanse Of 2013

I hate juice. I hate fruit juice. I hate vegetable juice. I hate freshly-made juice and I hate Cooler Cleanse juice. So yeah, The Great Juice Cleanse of 2013 is going supremely well! Clearly. To refresh your potentially short-term memory: I am in the midst of a self-Brian-mandated 10-day juice cleanse. The goal is to […]

“This Is An Opportunity, Not A Punishment”

Hi. I’m alive. And I’m doing OK. The Remicade, as suspected, never worked. The hospital visit was worth it for the fluid IV alone — my fever has been down since Monday and I’m not as deathly exhausted as I was for that miserable week — but those liters of toxic Remicade I let them […]

Desperately Seeking Optimism

Let’s get the cheesy stuff out of the way first… From the very bottom of my diseased little heart, thank you all so much for your kind comments, your sweet thoughts and your nice Tweets. Being ill sucks, but every time I received a bit of online love, my heart swelled…just like my intestines. So […]

White Flag

Things are not so good around here. Things are, unfortunately, getting progressively worse around here. It’s been a really bad past week or so. I was optimistic before I left for L.A. Even though the trip was going to involve a pretty grueling schedule — each of the four conference days began at 8 AM […]

I Want My Life Back

Well if that’s not the whiniest little post title of all time… One thing people tend to tell me when I’m Crohn’s flaring is that I “manage to stay so positive and optimistic.” Maybe online it seems that way. It’s really easy to sit down and make a list of things that make me happy […]

Thankful Things Thursday: I’m Doing My Best

Ohh I am not feeling thankful today. Sucks, right? Instead I am feeling pretty awful. Minus the “pretty” part. Physically I’m deteriorating. Mentally I’m not far behind. The other day, when I first started feeling really sick, I remember thinking to myself, “I’m handling this remarkably well. Work is beyond insane — the craziest, busiest […]

The Things I Thought About This Week

I’m typically optimistic on Monday mornings. New week! Fresh start! Time to do some ass kicking! On Sunday night, though, I couldn’t sleep. I was stressed about work stuff and my brain was louder than the traffic out on Third Avenue. I already forget how Monday went. I don’t remember it being particularly good. Then, […]

My Best Tip For Dealing With A Crohn’s Disease Flare-Up

We’ll talk about running again very soon. But first, some Crohn’s talk. Feel free to fast forward as desired. In theory, I had the perfect Friday night. I went out to dinner with coworkers at The Smith, one of my favorites, and then went to New York City Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty. The […]

Thankful Things Thursday: For Basically Everything Ever

People say the worst feeling in the world is heartbreak. I say the worst feeling in the world is when you come in from a frigid run and jump into a scalding-hot shower too fast, and then your legs turn bright red and get all itchy. The second worst feeling is when you bite your […]