The Plan

My alarm went off at 5 AM today, as planned. And, as planned, I refused to snooze. I followed my usual “I’m up, but I’m moving slowly” in-bed routine: check email, scroll through Facebook, roll eyes at everything on Facebook, scroll through Twitter, feel bored with Twitter and then, new to the routine, check Instagram, […]

Thankful Things Thursday: To You

Remember Thankful Things Thursday?! No? I know, it’s been a while (since April, to be exact). Probably because for the solid majority of this year, I felt thankful for very little. I remember one day, during my gluten-free, dairy-free, “I will do whatever it takes to get better at this point” phase feeling thankful for […]

Or Not

Having not posted in two weeks indicates a multitude of things: I’m busy. I just haven’t had time to sit down and write anything. I have too much to say. It’s hard to pick back up with something after you’ve dropped it for a while. You go one day without blogging, and then two days, […]

The In Between

Hi, I’ve missed youuuuuu! Really, I have. I’m here today to talk about this weird place I’m in right now — a place I’m not at all comfortable being, and not in that edgy “push yourself out of your comfort zone” kind of way. Let’s go back in time for a sec. Nearly one year […]

Work In Progress

Hi! I’m happy to report that these days I’m operating at something like an 87% “normal health” rate. I wake up in the morning and my stomach says, “I’m going to make this rough on you.” But eventually, usually after two hours or so, that mostly passes and I can function pretty normally during the […]

It’s Not Going To Be Easy

Returning to running after seven months of being sick and sedentary hasn’t been easy. There have been some amazing moments, absolutely. But it’s so hard. Running is hard. My body is recovering, but it’s still weak and tired — not to mention carrying significantly more weight than it’s used to. My muscles have all but […]

I Remember

Last week I wrote about how when you’ve been sick for so long, you forget what it’s like to be healthy. Last week I got sparse glimpses of that healthy life I used to live. This week, though? This week I’m really, deeply remembering all the most important feelings I used to know so well. […]


“When you’ve been sick for so long, you forget what it feels like to be healthy.” Wise words from my friend Jess, who also happens to have Crohn’s-Colitis, the disease of digestive underachievers everywhere. Back in May, when I was in “Desperately Seeking Doctor” mode, Jess called me to help me out with my quest […]

Embrace The Sweat (An “I Heart Sweat” Shirt Giveaway!)

I’m glad I got to write two ultra-happy posts in a row, because since then things have begun to deteriorate. Again. The past week has been a rough one filled with many many embarrassingly frantic bathroom runs (shout-outs to the Starbucks on 96th Street, the tennis court bathrooms in Central Park, the tennis court bathrooms […]

The Biggest Little Victories

After last week, when I got to write that really fun “I see signs of improvement!” post, I’ve so badly wanted to write another one filled with enthusiasm and joy (if only because you all left me the best comments of all-time with words of encouragement and happiness, and reading them got me all teary […]