Annie Update: 15 Months

Annie 15 Months

I swore I wouldn’t say my child’s age in months after she turned one. (“My daughter is 68 months old!”) But here we are. Generally, when talking to people in real life, I’ll just say she “turned one in October.” But for the sake of short, clean titles, it’s just easier to go with 15 […]

A Tuesday in the Life

A Tuesday in the Life

Two weeks ago, I randomly decided to document my day. Hooray for the iPhone Notes app! So if you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “What does a day in the life look like for a work-from-home freelance writer and podcast host with Crohn’s disease who lives in Weehawken, NJ, and has a nine-month-old baby and four-year-old […]

9 Months of Annie

Annie 9 Month Update

Annie was born on a sunny Tuesday morning in October, at exactly 39 weeks. Yesterday, on another sunny Tuesday, she turned exactly 39 weeks — nine months — old. She’s been on the outside as long as she was on the inside. Yesterday felt surprisingly monumental and meaningful to me. I lost track of Annie’s […]

The Loneliness of New Motherhood


My mom and brother came to visit last week. It was so great having them both here, for many reasons, but one thing stands out. On Wednesday, we drove to Dresher, PA, to surprise my grandmother (Honey!) for her 95th birthday. It was a really nice day, and when we got back to our apartment, […]

Annie & Ellie

Anyone who has known me for more than .02 seconds knows that I am one of those people. My dog, Ellie, is my child. She’s my baby. My first-born. She doesn’t go to “doggy daycare” — we call it “school.” And the people who work there are her “teachers.” Ellie completes me. She is my best […]

4 Months of Annie

Annie 4 Month Update

I’ve been a mom for four and a half months, and it’s officially fun. It’s still hard sometimes. Definitely. I still don’t quite know what I’m doing most of the time, and I still don’t leave my house with Annie nearly as much as I probably should at this point. But she’s fun and interactive and […]

A Day in the Life With a 3.5 Month Old

It almost seems silly to finally get around to publishing this post. So much has already changed since I documented this day two or three weeks ago. Annie is sleeping better some nights (HOORAY), I’m no longer sleeping on her floor (HOORAY), and I’ve gotten a lot better at knowing when she’s actually fussing or […]

On Exercise & Body Stuff After Baby

I remember at some point when Brian and I were dating (feels like a lifetime ago!), thinking there was no way we’d ever be able to have kids. My rationale? We both liked to do long workouts on Saturday mornings. I’m guessing this was around the time I was marathon training and he was cycling […]

Three Months of Annie

Annie Update: 3 Months

Hi! As of last week, Annie is three months old! We’ve officially graduated from The Fourth Trimester. What a wild ride, man. I get to know Annie better every single day. And yet, she still throws me curveballs every single day. Yesterday, for example. We’re still not in a totally locked-down routine or specific schedule, […]

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