Becs Gentry

Ali on the Run Show Episode 628: Becs Gentry, Peloton Instructor, 2:32 Marathoner, Mom

“None of my friends explained this to me!”

Becs Gentry is a 2:32 marathoner, a Peloton tread and strength instructor, and, as of October 22, 2022, a mom! Becs returns to the Ali on the Run Show today to talk about her road to motherhood. She talks about getting pregnant after experiencing a miscarriage (she was pregnant during last year’s live show — but no one knew yet!), and about what running was like throughout her pregnancy. She shares her birth story (all the details!), reflects on the first few months of motherhood, and talks about how she approached her return to running and movement. Plus, what it was like coaching Ashton Kutcher as he trained for the 2022 New York City Marathon, and the 12-mile run that brought Becs back to life in the best way possible.


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • All about Becs’s run today (3:00)
  • Becs’s journey to getting pregnant, and what it was like sharing that news with the world (8:00)
  • Expectation vs. reality: “running while pregnant” edition (17:25)
  • What it was like coaching Ashton Kutcher to run the 2022 New York City Marathon (23:50)
  • Becs’s message to anyone whose training hasn’t gone perfectly (28:15)
  • Becs shares Tallulah’s birth story — all the details! (33:50)
  • What postpartum life has looked like for Becs (1:00:30)
  • How Becs approached her return to running and movement (1:08:05)
  • Becs says she’s “ready to get training” — for what?! (1:17:40)
  • What it was like returning to work, to teaching, and to the Peloton community (1:20:00)

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