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Ali on the Run Show Episode 616: Ask Ali!

“I’m not here to do gotcha journalism. I’m not trying to get the scoop, I’m not trying to break news. I’m just trying to offer a platform to showcase the stories of these athletes, professional or otherwise, to share their stories, and for them to have fun. I want this to be fun for them. And I hope you enjoy it along the way!”

Welcome to the first Ask Ali episode of 2023! These episodes will hit the podcast once a month, sometimes with a guest host, sometimes responding to listener voicemails, and sometimes just flying solo. That’s what today is: a solo-sode (is that a thing? can it be?) answering questions about running, podcasting, and more.

CALL IN: 617-446-3966


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Running-Related Questions

  • 2:00: What is your favorite post-race meal?
  • 2:40: Tips for treadmill runs
  • 4:40: What are your favorite Peloton workouts? (Use #FriendsofAliOTR for your workouts so we can high-five each other!)
  • 8:15: What will your costume be for the Eugene Marathon? (Register and save with code ONTHERUNEUGENE!)
  • 9:05: Who do you want to interview you for your post-marathon recap podcast?
  • 9:50: What is the running video or clip that you return to most for inspiration or joy?
  • 10:45: Do you stop the Strava app for bathroom breaks on your runs?
  • 11:10: Are you enjoying marathon training?
  • 13:50: Do you feel race performance pressure knowing people follow your running?

Podcast-Related Questions

  • 20:00: Are you still looking to hire someone to help you this year? I’d love to apply!
  • 21:50: Would you ever announce or run the Pittsburgh Marathon?
  • 23:30: What is your personal favorite episode that you’ve done on the podcast to date?
  • 24:20: When was the moment when you really thought to yourself, I’ve made it?
  • 28:55: Personally or professionally, what were the top three turning points in your life?
  • 29:20: Is there ever a conflict between what companies sponsor your episodes and who the athlete is sponsored by?
  • 31:25: What is something you learned about contracts with brands that you didn’t know starting off?
  • 32:50: Was there anything about Chelsea Clinton’s race day that you weren’t allowed to ask?
  • 35:15: Do your guests have any idea what you might ask them?
  • 36:25: How much is pre-prepared before an interview, and how much is natural conversation flow?

Life/Parenting Questions

  • 38:00: What are your favorite recharging activities?
  • 39:10: Would you ever write a book?
  • 41:15: I’m turning 28 this week. Any advice for this strange time of life? Married, no kids, career is eh.
  • 43:35: How do you balance exposing but not pushing Annie into activities like dance and running?
  • 48:00: If you had a kid-free day to yourself, what would you do?

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