2023 State of the Ali on the Run Show

Ali on the Run Show Episode 600: The 2023 State of the Ali on the Run Show

“I remember telling my friend that my goal in life is to be able to make everyone happy, and to be everything that everyone needs. And he was like, ‘That sounds exhausting and impossible.’ And I was like, ‘Watch me! I can do it! I will bring joy to the masses!’ And now, a year later, I’m like, ‘What was I thinking? That DOES sound exhausting!'”

Happy New Year! I kick off the start of every year here on the Ali on the Run Show with my annual review, of sorts. I call it the State of the Ali on the Run Show. It gives me a chance to reflect on the previous year, and set goals and intentions for the one ahead.

By the numbers: In 2022, I released 135 episodes of the Ali on the Run Show, plus an additional eight episodes on Patreon, with 114 different guests. I hosted nine live shows — eight in person, one virtual — and partnered with 15 different brands and companies. In addition to regular episodes, 2022 saw the return of two listener-favorite series (Love on the Run and Ask Ali), and the introduction of three new series (Beyond the Run, Friendship Fest, and 26 Questions). The show saw 6.3 million downloads in 195 countries, and this week, the Ali on the Run Show surpassed 17 million lifetime downloads.

Thank you for being here to help me celebrate the past, present, and future of the Ali on the Run Show. I promise to keep learning, growing, and showing up for myself, for this business, for the running community, and for all of you.



What you’ll get on this episode:

  • The Ali on the Run Show in 2022, by the numbers (2:45)
  • My personal and professional highlights from 2022 (23:25)
  • Revisiting my 2022 goals: What did I accomplish, and what did I totally forget? (30:00)
  • The results of the 2022 Ali on the Run Show listener survey, completed by a whopping 1,111 listeners (36:00)
  • What you can expect from the Ali on the Run Show in 2023 (54:00)
  • My 2023 Ali on the Run Show mission statement (59:00)
  • My 2023 hopes, dreams, plans, and goals (1:01:30)

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