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Ali on the Run Show Episode 581: Ask Ali!

“When I grew up, I wanted to be a purple flying horse. Never give up on your dreams.”

Welcome to Ask Ali, the series where I answer all of your questions. This time around, I’m cruising through 24 listener questions, sent in via Instagram Stories (I’m @aliontherun1), about boundaries, mom guilt, sending the email, chafing, race swag, life dreams, and so much more.


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You asked:

  • What shows do your parents like to watch? (3:45)
  • Do you and Brian set intentional boundaries about talking about work? (5:45)
  • Have you ever sent the email and regretted it later? (6:30)
  • How are you most similar to your parents, and how are you different from each of them? (8:55)
  • What is something you want Annie to learn that you weren’t taught? (13:55)
  • What runner inspires you the most? (15:00)
  • Would you rather deal with butt-cheek chafe or side-arm chafe? (17:00)
  • If you could only run one race for the rest of time, what would it be? (17:55)
  • Does Annie like Bluey? (18:20)
  • Do you know that you and Femke Bol look like twins? (18:55)
  • Do you strength train? (20:00)
  • How do I get faster than a 9:30 pace on the run? (21:15)
  • How do you fight mom guilt being away from your daughter? (22:50)
  • What shoes are in your current rotation? (28:40)
  • What does your typical running week look like? (29:25)
  • Favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner (34:15)
  • What always makes you laugh? (35:40)
  • What’s your favorite piece of swag you’ve ever received from a race? (36:00)
  • Any podcast interview you wish you could redo? (36:30)
  • What’s the best thing about living in NH vs. NYC? (38:40)
  • Tips for first-timers running the New York City Marathon? (39:20)
  • Are you interested in announcing London or Berlin? (40:25)
  • Favorite cereal? (41:10)
  • What was your dream job 25, 20, 15, and 10 years ago? (41:35)

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