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Ali on the Run Show Episode 573: Ask Ali!

I get overwhelmed, I get stressed, I put a lot of pressure on myself. I have high expectations for myself. But my ‘why’ is wanting to do my best. My why is wanting to be a good example for Annie. If I’m going to spend any time working and away from my daughter, I want it to be for a good reason.

Welcome to Ask Ali, the series where I answer all of your questions. This time around, I’m flying through 26 listener questions, sent in via Instagram Stories (I’m @aliontherun1), about podcasting, running, motherhood, Halloween, purple M&Ms, laundry detergent (?), and so much more.


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You asked:

  • How excited were you to get Wordle on the first try? (3:05)
  • What is Annie going to be for Halloween? (3:50)
  • Will we see you at the New England Half? (4:25)
  • What’s your favorite 90s trend that has come back? (6:15)
  • What’s your favorite song to let loose and dance to? (7:50)
  • Any chance there will be more tickets to the live show with Keira D’Amato? (8:45)
  • Thoughts on the new purple M&M? (9:15)
  • What is the relationship between podcasters? Friends? Enemies? Competitors? (9:50)
  • Running the NYC Marathon for the first time — what’s your best advice? (12:00)
  • Has a guest ever said something so offensive or off the wall that you had to edit it out? (13:25)
  • Do you ever forget why you are doing something or who you’re trying to impress? (16:00)
  • Grinding: love it or hate it? (18:00)
  • When will you know if you’ll be back at the Boston Marathon in any capacity? (20:15)
  • What would you change or redo about your wedding? (20:25)
  • If you had to start a fantasy running team, who would your five starters be? (22:30)
  • Do you have a running coach? (24:00)
  • Do you have any future plans to run another marathon? (25:30)
  • How many home offers did you make? (27:00)
  • Favorite Halloween costume you ever wore (28:15)
  • How’s Ellie? (29:50)
  • Will you ever announce a race in the south? (30:25)
  • Boyfriend has ulcerative colitis. What are some date night ideas for us? (30:45)
  • What is the all-time most-listened-to episode of your podcast? (31:30)
  • What detergent do you use on your running clothes? (32:45)
  • Looking to commit to my first marathon — which one should it be? (33:00)
  • Are you ever in a bad mood when it’s time to start the podcast? (34:15)

Check out:

The New England Half: Use code ONTHRUNNE for 15% off your race registration

The Clearwater Marathon & Running Festival: Use code ONTHERUN for 20% off your race registration

“Molly Seidel Still Struggles,” by Sarah Lorge Butler for Runner’s World

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