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Ali on the Run Show Episode 564: Beyond the Run with Emily Saul, Marathon Mentality Q&A Part III

“No one can define what success is for you but YOU. Even though the sport of running tries to tell us that the only things that matter are distance and time, that is simply not true. You decide what matters to you.”

Welcome to Part III (the last part!) of the Marathon Mentality series with Ali on the Run Show favorite Emily Saul! Emily is a licensed mental health counselor, sport psychology coach, and founder of E Saul Movement. She’s a former Division-1 collegiate rower, she’s a lifelong athlete, she’s a many-time marathoner, and she’s a TEDxBoston speaker.

Today, we’re talking race day. We made it! (You made it! You’re doing great!) Emily is offering advice about tackling taper tantrums, getting in the right headspace for race day, and dealing with the potential post-marathon blues.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How do I deal with taper tantrums? (3:30)
  • How do I get over the mindset of being able to run further on race day than ever before? (7:25)
  • Best advice for getting pumped up for a marathon the week before the race (12:05)
  • How do I get over my fear of coming in last? (19:00)
  • How would you address mid-race fears of pushing too hard too early? (27:10)
  • How do you handle the personal pressure you put on yourself? (29:55)
  • What do you do mid-race when your mind starts making preemptive excuses for failing? (35:20)
  • How to battle the mental game during a race when your body wants to give up (39:00)
  • How to stay positive when the race isn’t going as expected (44:45)
  • During training, I feel confident and I crush my workouts. But when it comes to race day, doubt creeps in. Any advice? (49:55)
  • How to deal with the post-marathon blues (54:30)
  • Emily’s final pre-race pep talk for fall marathoners (1:01:10)

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