Katelyn Hutchison & Jasmine Todd

Ali on the Run Show Episode 539: Friendship Fest with Jasmine Todd & Katelyn Hutchison

“I’m a track athlete and I’m doing full-time something else, and people feel like they can’t do both. But I feel like me and Jasmine, and a few others, are definitely showing that’s possible. I feel like we’re definitely paving our own way in the sport.”

Jasmine Todd is a professional long jumper and sprinter. Katelyn Hutchison is a 400m runner and three-time All-American who just finished running for Ithaca College, and is now headed to the University of Kentucky to finish out her NCAA eligibility. These two dynamic (and fast!) women just met for the first time three weeks ago — and they are already the best of friends.

In this conversation, Jasmine and Katelyn talk about meeting at USATF Outdoor Championships and forming an immediate bond. They talk about their experience in the mixed zone with Citius Mag, interviewing professional athletes, and about what they hope to bring to this sport. They share their best stories from USAs (including getting that coveted Sha’Carri Richardson interview), and talk about their big dreams and goals for World Athletics Championships (starting this week!), and more.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Meet Jasmine and Katelyn! (3:10)
  • How Jasmine and Katelyn met and became friends (5:50)
  • The story of how Katelyn ended up getting to go to U.S. Outdoor Championships (8:45)
  • How Jasmine navigated competing at USAs and covering the event as a member of the media (18:00)
  • Where Jasmine and Katelyn find inspiration to compete and be members of the track and field media, and how they’re navigating all of it (20:15)
  • How Katelyn and Jasmine came up with some of the super fun questions they asked athletes in the mixed zone (30:30)
  • On representation in running media (38:15)
  • How Jasmine and Katelyn really bonded (45:30)
  • Katelyn and Jasmine’s plans for World Championships (47:45)
  • Katelyn and Jasmine share the moments when they’ve felt especially proud of each other (50:30)

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