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Ali on the Run Show Episode 538: Ask Ali!

“I still don’t know if it was good, but I did my best. And it was the first time where I realized I’m kind of willing to fail at something. I’m not usually. But with this, I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to do my best. And it might be a total flop. It might suck. And that’ll be OK! I’ve never done it before!'”

Welcome to Ask Ali, a twice-a-month series where I answer all of your questions. This time around, I’m flying through 42 (!!!) randomly selected listener questions, sent in via Instagram Stories (I’m @aliontherun1), about everything from my summer plans (I leave for World Championships tomorrow!), my approach to running right now, balancing work and motherhood, and a surprisingly emotional dive into my favorite Ted Lasso episode.

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You asked:

  • What are you most looking forward to about this summer? (4:00)
  • What’s the funniest thing that Annie has said? (6:20)
  • Will you bring back the Everyday Runner series? (7:00)
  • Should I cut my hair off? (7:10)
  • Does Ellie have separation anxiety? (7:45)
  • How did you get to do a TED Talk? (8:25)
  • If you could go to the Olympics for any sport, what would it be? (9:20)
  • How is house hunting going? (10:00)
  • Do you follow a training plan or are you just fun running all the time? (10:30)
  • Where is a good cheer spot for the NYC Marathon? (12:00)
  • What would “starting out Ali” ask “now Ali” in an interview question? (13:30)
  • How have you started connecting with pros for the podcast? (15:00)
  • I’m nervous about balancing a child, work, and running. Any advice? (17:20)
  • Worst bathroom emergency story (20:25)
  • Would you ever talk about the pay of race announcing? (21:00)
  • What was your very first podcast episode? (22:20)
  • Do you train with a hydration pack? (22:40)
  • Any ultra runners you’d like to have on the show? (22:50)
  • Do you miss Orangetheory? (23:20)
  • What brings you the most energy and what drains you the most? (23:40)
  • Tell us about your favorite Ted Lasso episode (27:00)
  • How do you get past feeling starstruck when you interview people? (30:25)
  • What does your family do for the Fourth of July? (32:50)
  • Favorite pre-race and post-race dinners (33:45)
  • Should everyone run a marathon at least once? (34:15)
  • What is your favorite race to run? (34:45)
  • Did you get rid of your Peloton Tread when you got injured? (35:35)
  • Are you going to be the race announcer for this year’s Beach to Beacon? (36:15)
  • Are you doing any live shows at World Championships? (36:45)
  • If you started a podcast about anything other than running, what would it be? (38:05)
  • How do you pick which Peloton classes to take? (38:55)
  • If you had to guest teach P.E. at a local school, what would you teach? (40:00)
  • What’s a running event or distance you would like to try? (41:00)
  • How do you prioritize sleep with all the stuff you are doing? (43:30)
  • What’s on your summer running playlist? (44:10)
  • To-do list: on paper or on an app? (45:25)
  • Ocean or lake? (45:40)
  • Do you have an emotional support water bottle? (45:45)
  • Favorite shorts for running and hanging around (46:35)
  • Is there anything particular that you do to prepare for finish line announcing? (48:00)
  • Favorite snack to bring on a road trip (49:15)
  • Most surreal moment of the last several months (49:30)

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