Annie Frisbie & Dakotah Lindwurm

Ali on the Run Show Episode 536: Friendship Fest with Dakotah Lindwurm & Annie Frisbie

“When it’s race time, we’re competitive. I’m never just going to let Annie win! But it’s also really fun that when the race is over, we get to celebrate together regardless of how it went.”

Annie Frisbie and Dakotah Lindwurm have a lot in common. They train together as members of Minnesota Distance Elite. They’re both sponsored by Puma. And they’re both chill, low key, and low profile in their everyday lives — but when it’s marathon go time, they unleash their superpowers. This week on Friendship Fest, Annie (a 2:26 marathoner who made her 26.2-mile debut at the New York City Marathon last year) and Dakotah (who just won Grandma’s Marathon in a personal best of 2:25) talk about how they met, how they bond during weekend long runs (by refusing to slow down for the boys), and how they find joy in racing. Plus, what’s next for each of them.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Dakotah’s story of doing the Macarena mid-marathon (4:45)
  • How Annie and Dakotah met (6:00)
  • How and why Annie and Dakotah each signed with Puma (9:45)
  • Would Annie and Dakotah rather race together and race each other, or be on the sidelines to cheer on their friend? (12:45)
  • Dakotah recaps her recent win at Grandma’s Marathon — and Annie talks about what it was like watching from afar (15:10)
  • All about Annie’s recent races (20:30)
  • What’s coming up for Annie and Dakotah? (24:30)
  • What Annie and Dakotah are like on the run and off (26:00)
  • Looking back at Boston 2022 (31:10)
  • How Annie and Dakotah’s friendship has progressed over the years, and what they’re each like on race day (38:40)
  • Dakotah and Annie share the moments when they’ve felt proudest of each other (48:15)

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