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Ali on the Run Show Episode 506: Beyond the Run with Adrianne Haslet

“What will get us to the finish line is nothing compared to what got us to the start.”

In 2013, professional ballroom dancer Adrianne Haslet was walking near the Boston Marathon finish line when the bombs went off. She lost her leg that day, standing on Boylston Street. Then, in 2019, Adrianne — who had become a runner herself after her lower leg amputation — was walking on Commonwealth Ave. when she was hit by a car. Even in the face of so much unexpected adversity, Adrianne hasn’t lost her fighting spirit. She’s a survivor, an advocate, an inspiration — and on Monday, April 18, she’ll return to both Comm Ave. and Boylston Street, but this time it will be en route to her own marathon finish. Adrianne will be racing in the Boston Marathon’s para division alongside friend and official guide Shalane Flanagan. In this conversation, Adrianne talks about training under Shalane’s guidance, about how she’s feeling with race day just a week and a half away, and about what she’s doing now to prepare for the potential post-marathon blues. She also talks about the emotional component of running a race that she has such a heavy history with, and about what she pictures when she imagines her finish line moment.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Adrianne is feeling with less than two weeks to go until the Boston Marathon, and reflections on this training cycle (6:00)
  • On returning to Boston after DNF-ing the 2018 race (11:00)
  • What it’s been like moving during marathon training, and how Adrianne met her boyfriend, Harry (15:30)
  • All about Adrianne’s running leg (23:00)
  • How Adrianne and Shalane Flanagan met and became friends (25:15)
  • What it’s like being coached by Shalane (34:20)
  • The low and high points from Boston 2022 training (43:25)
  • How the weather affects Adrianne’s leg (57:30)
  • The mental and emotional components of returning to the Boston Marathon (59:00)
  • All about Adrianne’s upcoming IMAX film (1:02:55)
  • Adrianne’s guide to Boston (1:10:00)

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