Elle Purrier St. Pierre

Ali on the Run Show Episode 500: Beyond the Run with Elle Purrier St. Pierre

“It was pretty tough, I’m not gonna lie. I walked off the track pretty mad. I didn’t want to talk to any cameras, so I walked past the camera people because I knew they were just going to drill me with a bunch of questions that I didn’t want to talk about. And I hadn’t even had time to digest it myself. So I was about to say something I probably shouldn’t have on camera. So I said, ‘I’m making this boundary for myself,’ and I kept walking.”

Elle Purrier St. Pierre is one of the fastest women in the country. The professional New Balance athlete just capped off her indoor season by earning a silver medal in the 3K at World Indoor Championships in Serbia. In 2020, she broke the American record in the indoor mile. Then, last summer, she won the 1500m event at the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials (and set a Trials record for that event), solidifying her spot on Team USA and achieving a lifelong dream of becoming an Olympian. Elle — widely known as a small-town farm girl from Vermont — is living the professional runner dream, right? On this episode, Elle talks about the tough times. She talks about getting shoved off the track just seconds into that 1500 final at the Trials, and about how she rallied to win the race. She talks about handling disappointment on the track, like when she finished third in the 1500 at USAs a few weeks ago, a race she was heavily favored to win. And she talks about that — about being “heavily favored,” and what that pressure feels like. Plus, reflections on competing in Tokyo, dealing with the post-Olympics blues, and pre-race bad moods. Welcome to Episode 500 of the Ali on the Run Show!

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • All about Elle’s run today, and what it’s like being a local celebrity in Vermont (3:50)
  • Where Elle’s keeping her silver medal, and what her goals were for the 3K at World Indoor Championships (8:45)
  • How Elle stays tough when the racing gets hard, and what she’s like before the race starts (11:20)
  • On getting shoved off the track at last summer’s Olympic Track & Field Trials 1500m final (16:00)
  • Dealing with high stakes (22:00)
  • How Elle navigated an injury heading into the Olympics (29:30)
  • What Elle remembers most from the Tokyo Olympics (35:00)
  • On dealing with the post-Olympics blues (40:30)
  • What farm life is like for Elle (42:45)
  • How Elle prepares and re-sets for a new racing season, and what it’s like going into each race as “the favorite” (45:15)
  • On dealing with disappointment after finishing third at USA Indoors and missing out on Team USA for that distance — and coming back to win the 3K (49:00)
  • On being asked “What’s next?” all the time (59:30)
  • The most fun Elle has ever had on the run (1:02:15)

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