Cara Enright Welsh & Cameron Erhardt

Ali on the Run Show Episode 498: Friendship Fest with Cara Enright Welsh & Cameron Erhardt

“It’s just those people when you instantly connect, and they’re one of your people. She was one of those people. And it’s so hard to find those people as adults, as we all know. She was that easy connection, easy talking to. Everything just felt like it was meant to be and meant to happen.”

Cara Enright Welsh and Cameron Erhardt are two of the nicest people on the planet — so it’s no surprise this episode is warm fuzzy central. Cara and Cam met when they were both part of Nike’s Project Moonshot marathon training program, and they say they became best friends the very first day they met. They immediately bonded over their mutual love for Taylor Swift and NYC “Emo Nights” (“Stay sad!”), their respective roles as the oldest of four siblings, and a shared birthday (November 5, 1990). In this conversation, Cara (a former competitive jump roper) and Cam (a former NCAA Division-1 runner) recall the day they met, and talk about the challenge of making friends and finding running buddies as an adult. Plus, Cam’s stories of overcoming tough times mid-marathon and how he learned to keep moving forward, and updates from Cara on her Boston Marathon training and her relocation plans.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Cam and Cara met (4:45)
  • The role running played early in Cara and Cam’s friendship (13:20)
  • On being “twins” — and some astrology talk (24:20)
  • Cam and Cara’s biggest differences, and how they’re navigating a long-distance friendship (30:15)
  • What running looks like for Cam and Cara right now (38:55)
  • How to make running friends as an adult (46:00)
  • The moments when Cara and Cam have felt especially proud of each other (53:50)

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