Chris Chavez & Kyle Merber

Ali on the Run Show Episode 489: Friendship Fest with Kyle Merber & Chris Chavez

“We’re track and field’s biggest hype people, and we want to share the joy of the sport with as many people as possible.”

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who loves track and field more than the dynamic duo (“the greatest bromance in track and field”) of Chris Chavez and Kyle Merber. This week, we’re turning our Friendship Fest attention to the guys. Chris is the founder of Citius Mag, host of the Citius Mag podcast, former Sports Illustrated journalist, director of the Magic Boost program, and one of the nicest, hardest-working people in the industry. Kyle is a former professional runner (a 3:52 miler! he won the Millrose Games mile as a high schooler!) who retired in 2020, and now works full-time for American Express while also managing The Lap Count newsletter and navigating life as a new dad. Chris and Kyle started as friends (you’ll get that full story in this episode), and now work together as collaborators and track and field commentators. In this conversation, they share their enthusiasm for the sport, talk about what it’s like when they run together (it’s more fun for one of them than it is for the other), and share their big dreams for the future.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Chris and Kyle recall their first meeting (7:00)
  • Why Kyle wanted Chris to help tell his retirement story (11:50)
  • How Chris and Kyle are working together right now (14:25)
  • Chris and Kyle, track and field commentators (22:45)
  • What to expect from Chris and Kyle this summer (33:15)
  • On running together (35:15)
  • What Chris and Kyle are excited about in running right now (37:40)
  • Chris and Kyle share the moments when they were especially proud of each other (44:00)

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