2020 Virtual Live Show

Ali on the Run Show Episode 462: The 2020 Virtual Live Show Holiday Party with Shalane Flanagan, Des Linden, & Aisha Praught Leer

“Holiday songs are my passion.” —Aisha Praught Leer

One year ago, we closed out 2020 on the Ali on the Run Show with a holiday party of sorts. It was virtual, with a 500-person Zoom audience, a Schitt’s Creek-inspired soundtrack, and an all-star guest lineup: Shalane Flanagan, Des Linden, and Aisha Praught Leer. We sat in front of our Christmas trees (Shalane wore holiday pajamas!), and indulged in 90 minutes of warm, fuzzy feelings. It felt like what we all needed at the time. And now, more than 365 days later, it seems like we might need those good feelings again. So, I’m releasing the episode to the public for the very first time. Whether you were there with us when the show first happened, or you’re tuning in for the first time now, I hope this conversation brings you some holiday cheer. Shalane, Des, and Aisha talk about their holiday traditions, their earliest memories of happiness and joy, and what kept them motivated during peak pandemic times. (We also surprised Shalane, Des, and Aisha with a video that included tons of clips from their loved ones, and though you can’t see the video here, listening in is still pretty fun, and you can see the names of all the guests, in order, below.)

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The video guest list (they’re all past Ali on the Run Show guests!), in order of “appearance:”

Will Leer (Aisha’s husband)

Laura Thweatt (Aisha’s former teammate and close friend)

Courtney Frerichs (Shalane’s athlete and friend)

Gwen Jorgensen (Shalane’s athlete and friend)

Ryan Linden (Des’s husband)

Mary Kate Shea (Des’s friend)

Elise Cranny (Shalane’s athlete)

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