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Ali on the Run Show Episode 459: Sara Hall’s 2021 Recap

“We all want love and belonging at the end of the day. And so when you feel like your love and belonging is threatened if you fail…at a young age I started to really become afraid of that.”

We kicked off 2021 on the Ali on the Run Show with professional runner Sara Hall, and today, Sara is back to recap the highs and lows of her year, both on the run (wins and podiums!) and off (getting Covid early in the year and dealing with a long recovery). Sara talks about her win at the NYRR Mini 10K, her fifth-place finish at the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials 10K, and her third-place finish at the Chicago Marathon in October. She also talks about supporting her daughters in their endeavors, whether on the sidelines at their races or in mother-daughter hip-hop classes. Plus, a look ahead at 2022 and Sara’s hopes and dreams as a member of the World Championship Marathon team.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • On the pursuit of the perfect hip-hop class (4:15)
  • On daughter Mia’s recent race and the responses to Sara’s post about it (6:15)
  • Reflecting on running The Marathon Project one year ago (8:40)
  • How Sara’s handling her current downtime, and what Sara’s like on the sidelines while her daughters are racing (11:35)
  • How Sara plans and balances her race calendar (17:45)
  • Has Sara ever felt fully satisfied after a race? (19:30)
  • On training with Emma Coburn in Crested Butte before the Olympic Track & Field Trials (25:30)
  • Looking back on the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials (28:00)
  • Reflecting on this year’s Chicago Marathon, and on learning to cope with outside expectation and pressure (35:00)
  • The moment from the Chicago Marathon that Sara remembers most (47:20)
  • What hasn’t Sara done yet? (50:40)
  • Sara’s High / Low / High from 2021 (56:00)

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