Julia Berteletti & Robyn Mayer

Ali on the Run Show Episode 458: The Everyday Runners, Julia Berteletti & Robyn Mayer

“Women really only get tougher. I’ve figured that out myself, and I’ve figured that out watching others. I don’t really put a limit at this point of what being a mom and being a runner means anymore.”

Welcome to the fifth and final episode in Season 2 of the Everyday Runner series. And today, we’re getting a two-for-one deal, with Denver-based running best friends Robyn Mayer and Julia Berteletti! This warm-fuzzy-filled episode is all about the power of female friendships, both on the run and beyond. Julia and Robyn met through Twitter (remember those days?!) a decade ago, and eventually met in real life when they both moved to Colorado and started working out with November Project. On this episode, they share their real-life meet-cute moment, and talk about why they hit it off right away. They talk about their expectations about running after having children, and about the reality. Julia is mom to three-year-old Max, and talks about her hopes to have a second child, and the three miscarriages she has suffered along the way. Robyn is mom to two-year-old Rosie, and talks about her experience with Crohn’s disease and how it affects her every day. Both women just ran CIM as their first marathons since becoming moms, so they reflect on how marathon training is different with a little one at home when you are also working full-time outside the home. Plus, what they talk about on the run together, and all about their Shalane Flanagan and Abby Wambach moment at CIM.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Julia and Robyn share their CIM recaps (5:00)
  • What it was like marathon training as a parent vs. pre-parenthood training (19:30)
  • Robyn’s experience with Crohn’s disease (24:15)
  • What Young Julia was like (29:25)
  • What Young Robyn was like (30:40)
  • How Julia and Robyn each found running (34:15)
  • How Julia and Robyn met (40:20)
  • When Julia and Robyn get their runs in (46:40)
  • On family planning when you’re a runner with big dreams and goals (49:10)
  • The running highlight reels, and what Julia and Robyn are looking forward to and dreaming about now (53:30)

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