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Ali on the Run Show Episode 446: Erin “Mrs. Space Cadet” Azar, New York City Marathoner

“My whole life, I didn’t think I was funny or anything. So when people say that, or when they say I inspire them, my brain is immediately like, ‘No, no you don’t, don’t listen, they’re lying!’ The New York City Marathon completely changed that for me. Meeting people in person for the first time…it really made it real for me.”

She’s baaaaack — and this time, she’s a New York City Marathoner! Erin Azar — best known online as Mrs. Space Cadet — became a viral sensation when she started running after having her third child, documenting the process for her TikTok and YouTube fans. Erin was on the Ali on the Run Show in February talking about her rise to internet superstardom. Now, she returns to the show as an official New York City Marathoner. On this episode, Erin shares all the details from her New York City experience, from the pre-race adventures on foot to the journey to the start line, and every meaningful step in between the Verrazzano Bridge and the finish line. Along the way, Erin raised more than $76,000 for Team Fox, which supports Parkinson’s disease research — a cause close to Erin’s heart, since her dad lives with Parkinson’s. (Her goal is to hit $100,000, and they are accepting donations until the end of the month. Click here to help get Erin a few dollars closer to $100K!) Watch Erin’s full recap from the day here. Dare you not to cry at the 13-minute mark!

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How it feels to be a New York City Marathoner (2:30)
  • The moment from NYC that Erin keeps going back to in her mind (6:00)
  • Erin’s journey to the New York City Marathon (12:30)
  • Training reflections (17:15)
  • How the day before the race played out (25:00)
  • The journey to the start line (33:45)
  • What was going through Erin’s head at the start, and what she thought about the Verrazzano Bridge (40:00)
  • Erin’s journey through Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx (44:00)
  • That finish line feeling (59:00)
  • All about appearing on the Today show on Marathon Monday (1:05:00)
  • What’s next for Erin? (1:09:00)

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