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Ali on the Run Show Episode 410: What’s New With You with Yosef Herzog

“The best part of going to the Olympics, for me, is being able to attend events when I’m not working, and then watching athletes win and medal an event, and then knowing they’re going to come on the show and I’m going to get to work with them up close and meet them. That’s the coolest thing about my job, and what makes it unique at the Olympics.”

Yosef Herzog is the stage manager for NBC’s Today show, which means part of his job is getting to go to the Olympics! On this episode, Yosef talks about what it was like being at the 2020 Games in Tokyo. (These were Yosef’s fifth Olympic Games with NBC!) He talks about being on set with the country’s best athletes, including Simone Biles and Allyson Felix, and talks about what it was like being inside the Olympic Stadium and getting to attend track and field events. He also talks about the challenges and perks of working a morning broadcast at 8 PM local time. (The biggest upside, Yosef says: not having to set an alarm in the morning for a change!) Yosef recently underwent surgery for a torn meniscus, so he was wearing a leg brace in Tokyo — something he says nearly every athlete commented on! He offers an update on how his recovery is going, reflects on getting Covid last year, and shares his big marathon goals for when he’s able to get back on the run.


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How was Tokyo?! (3:10)
  • Yosef talks about what his role entails at the Olympics (5:15)
  • The things that are stressful about live television (14:15)
  • How many athletes at the Games asked Yosef about his leg brace? (18:15)
  • The athletes Yosef was most excited to have on set (21:00)
  • Which events Yosef got to watch in person (28:00)
  • All about Yosef’s meniscus surgery and recovery, and what his Covid experience was like (35:45)
  • Yosef’s thoughts on returning to “normal” on the Plaza (41:15)

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