Ashley Paulson

Ali on the Run Show Episode 409: Ashley Paulson, iFit Coach, 91-Time Marathoner, & Professional Triathlete

“Build those relationships. Have those adventures. Create those memories. That’s what’s worth living for, right there.”

Ashley Paulson never stops moving. She’s a professional triathlete, ultramarathoner, 91-time marathoner, U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier and runner, iFit coach, and mom of four with hot pink hair. On this episode, Ashley talks about her recent win at the Deseret News Marathon, and about the sweet story that inspired her to run the race in honor of her father, wearing the T-shirt he got after running the race in the 80s. She reflects on the toughest times in her career, both at the races (in Kona, specifically) and off (when she was served a six-month suspension from triathlon after testing positive for a banned substance in a contaminated supplement). She shares the highs (traveling the country in an RV for two years with her husband and all four kids!), and the lows (her history with disordered eating). Ashley is a ball of energy — don’t be surprised if you find yourself picking up the pace along the way.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Ashley celebrated her 40th birthday! (5:00)
  • All about Ashley’s hot pink hair (6:30)
  • Ashley reflects on her recent win at the Deseret News Marathon (10:15)
  • Ashley recalls her toughest moments on the run (17:45)
  • A day in the life of Ashley Paulson (22:30)
  • How Ashley and her husband prioritize their marriage (26:00)
  • On traveling around the country in an RV for two years  (32:00)
  • Ashley reflects on serving a six-month suspension from triathlon (39:30)
  • The pressure of being a public figure (47:20)
  • Ashley’s relationship with food and her body, and her past with disordered eating (49:00)
  • On qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials, and what’s next for Ashley (56:45)

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