Colleen Quigley

Ali on the Run Show Episode 377: Colleen Quigley, lululemon Athlete

“I’m the quarterback of my life. All these different people play supporting roles, and I need all of them for sure. You can’t be a team with only a quarterback. But I get to be the one in charge, making the plays. And that feels super empowering and very exciting.”

Colleen Quigley is arguably one of the most influential track and field athletes today. She’s a professional athlete who primarily competes in the Steeplechase, and she’s a Team USA Olympian, a Florida State University alum, an NCAA champion, a model, and a mental health advocate. Colleen spent the first five years of her professional career sponsored by Nike and competing with the Bowerman Track Club in Portland, OR. But at the end of 2020, Colleen announced she was making a change: She was no longer sponsored by Nike, and was leaving the Bowerman Track Club. Now, after many months of anticipation and much speculation, Colleen announced yesterday that she has signed with lululemon, and is officially a lululemon-sponsored athlete. On this episode, Colleen talks all about her decision to leave Nike and BTC, and about what this lululemon partnership looks like. She talks about what it’s like navigating sponsorships in the running industry today (with the help of Allyson Felix’s brother, Wes), and about why a less-traditional model works for her right now. Plus, she shares that she’ll be moving to Los Angeles with her boyfriend this fall, and talks about how she’s feeling heading into this summer’s U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • All about Colleen’s new sponsorship deal, including why she left Nike and Bowerman Track Club (4:30)
  • What Colleen’s lululemon sponsorship (or partnership!) entails (13:30)
  • What shoes will Colleen be racing in? (23:15)
  • What Colleen has learned about the professional running scene (26:35)
  • Is a Peloton partnership in the works? (34:15)
  • On speaking up, standing up, getting loud — and reading the comments (37:00)
  • Why Colleen is passionate about mental health (46:00)
  • How has Colleen’s life been different than what she imagined? (56:00)
  • How Colleen is feeling — physically and mentally — heading into the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials (58:15)

What we mention on this episode:

Jasmine Blocker


Running to Protest

Colleen’s “Open Letter to the Bowerman Track Club”

Armchair Expert with Prince Harry

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