Margi Johnson

Ali on the Run Show Episode 372: The Everyday Runner, Dr. Margi Johnson

“At times in my life when I’ve struggled or when I’ve maybe been less than my best self, my mom always asks, ‘When was the last time you went for a run?'”

Welcome to the newest series on the Ali on the Run Show: The Everyday Runner. On this series, we’re hearing from runners who are just like you and me. Not professional athletes — these runners have jobs, families, and responsibilities beyond this sport we all love so much.

Today, meet Dr. Margi Johnson. Margi is a family medicine physician and mom of three with big goals and dreams on the run. (Hint: She wants to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials someday, which would mean running a sub-2:45 marathon!) On this episode, Margi shares her story of being an “airlift baby,” born in Vietnam and brought to the United States, where she was adopted and raised. She talks about being athletic as a child, but admits that running was never her first love. (She chose to be a jumper, because she wanted the sport that involved the least amount of running! The irony!) It wasn’t until Margi was in her surgical residency — with two kids and a third to come — that she rediscovered and truly fell in love with running. Margi talks about what the past year has been like for frontline workers, shares her story of getting Covid a whopping three times, and explains her family’s decision to relocate from New Jersey to Georgia.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Margi shares her adoption story, and what it meant to be an “airlift baby” (6:15)
  • How Margi became a runner — and a jumper! (14:00)
  • The road to becoming a doctor (21:20)
  • On rediscovering running as an adult, a resident, and a mother (29:30)
  • When Margi finally started calling herself a runner (41:45)
  • When Margi finds time to run, and what this past year has been like for her (50:10)
  • Adjusting to life in Georgia (59:45)

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