Meg Navatto

Ali on the Run Show Episode 368: The Everyday Runner, Meg Navatto

“I don’t chase podiums and PRs. I have a tendency to chase clocks and cutoffs. And that’s fine with me.”

Welcome to the newest series on the Ali on the Run Show: The Everyday Runner. On this series, we’re hearing from runners who are just like you and me. Not professional athletes — these runners have jobs, families, and responsibilities beyond this sport we all love so much.

Last week, we kicked things off with Jen Correa, the mom of two whose family lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.

Today, meet Meg Navatto! Meg is a cell genetic technologist from Long Island who started running at age 37. Meg’s running story began when she and her husband set out to get healthy with a Couch to 5K program. Today, Meg is a 14-time marathoner and ultramarathoner. (She’s run Badwater three times!) On this episode, Meg talks about what it took to (finally!) call herself a runner, and talks about why she’s proud to be a back-of-the-pack runner. She talks about her emotions around finishing last in a race, and how that’s changed over the years, and shares the story of the time she was told she was “too fat to be a runner.” Meg is so fun, so inspiring, and so positive — you’re going to love her.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What Meg’s childhood was like, and how she decided on a career path (2:45)
  • How Meg found running and, eventually, racing (6:45)
  • Meg reflects on her first 5K (16:25)
  • On identifying as a runner (19:00)
  • On finishing last at races, and why the back of the pack is awesome (23:30)
  • The allure of ultramarathons (27:30)
  • Why Meg runs to raise money for The Herren Project, and why that cause is so important to her and her family (31:50)
  • The time Meg was out for a training run and overheard two women say, “She’s too fat to run” (42:45)
  • What life is like for a cell genetic technologist (49:30)

What we mention on this episode:

Couch to 5K

November Project

The Herren Project

Chris Mosier on Episode 13 of the Ali on the Run Show

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