Karissa Schweizer & Shelby Houlihan

Ali on the Run Show Episode 357: Shelby Houlihan & Karissa Schweizer, Bowerman Track Club Teammates

“We get on the line and yeah, we’re competitive with each other, but as soon as we cross that line, we’re each other’s biggest fans.”

Shelby Houlihan and Karissa Schweizer are two of the fastest women on the planet right now. They run for Nike’s Bowerman Track Club, and seem to have found the perfect balance of being both great friends and teammates and fierce competitors. On this episode, Shelby and Karissa — a treat to get to talk to them together! — talk about their relationship, how they first met, and what each of their respective “first runs with the Bowerman team” were like. They talk about what it’s like knowing your toughest competition is right by your side — or right on your heels — at practice and on race day. And, of course, they talk about gearing up for this year’s Olympic Track & Field Trials, where Shelby will compete in the 1500 and Karissa in the 5K. They talk about their biggest dreams (bringing home gold), their greatest fears, and the time they secretly went skydiving. Come for the friendship. Stay for the spontaneous ukulele concert.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How was your run today? (3:20)
  • The ways in which Shelby and Karissa are most similar, and which ways they’re totally different (5:20)
  • How Karissa and Shelby met (14:00)
  • Recapping Karissa’s win at last year’s 3000m National Record BU Last Chance Invitational (25:30)
  • On bonding (26:55)
  • What Shelby and Karissa were like when they were younger (28:00)
  • What the Bowerman Track Club women do off the track (36:15)
  • A ukulele concert, courtesy of Shelby! (45:30)
  • What the vibe is like at a Bowerman Track Club practice (48:00)
  • Looking forward to the Olympic Track & Field Trials (54:30)

What we mention on this episode:

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