Meaghan B Murphy

Ali on the Run Show Episode 338: Meaghan B Murphy, Author of “Your Fully Charged Life”

“Whatever you want to do, whether it’s to write a book or to run a marathon, you have to be brave enough and bold enough to start to say that out loud. It’s the only way you can begin to own it and then to understand how to make it happen. You have to put it out there.”

When Meaghan B Murphy was first on the Ali on the Run Show in January 2019, she casually mentioned maybe kind of sort of wanting to write a book someday. Fast forward two years, and someday is today: Meaghan’s debut book, Your Fully Charged Life, is officially on bookshelves! (Congratulations, Meaghan!) On this episode, Meaghan is back to talk about what it’s like being a newly-published author. She talks about the getting-published process, and talks about what it was like writing a book during a pandemic with three kids (plus a dog!) at home while also navigating a promotion and new job as editor in chief of Woman’s Day magazine. Meaghan talks about being terrified of getting Covid — and then getting it, and getting really sick, two weeks before she was set to record the audio version of her book. And of course, we talk about the book itself — what it is, what it isn’t, and why Meaghan insists on putting everything through a “fun filter.” If you loved hearing from Meaghan the first time she was on the show, you’ll love this update from the most upbeat (but not toxically positive!) person on the planet.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • All about the getting-published process (8:20)
  • What is Your Fully Charged Life — and what is it not? (22:45)
  • Which parts of the book were easiest and most challenging to write (29:30)
  • Why Meaghan wanted to include the current events in the book (40:30)
  • How to own an apology (46:45)
  • Why Meaghan no longer says “little kids, little problems — big kids, big problems” (50:15)
  • Meaghan’s experience with Covid-19 (53:00)

What we mention on this episode:

Meaghan Murphy on Episode 113 of the Ali on the Run Show

Meaghan on the Today show

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