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It’s Q&A Week here, unofficially!

I did an Instagram Story Q&A earlier this week, but didn’t get to answer all the great questions I received. So, that brings us here. Answering more questions! Fun!

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How are you feeling?

Good! Tired! I’m working really hard right now (see aforementioned notes about the upcoming Love on the Run Week and all the work that goes into bringing that to life!) and not sleeping very much (late nights + early mornings + Annie’s sleep has been meh lately with lots of 2 AM calls for “MOMMY!”) and I’m having a bit of a Crohn’s flare. But other than that? Good! Overwhelmed, but good!

How did you and Brian meet?

The short version: He was the producer and I was the talent.

The longer version here.

Do you have any siblings?

Yes! My brother, Ryan, is 19 months older than I am, and he lives in Massachusetts with his wife and their two kids.

Do you want any more (non-dog) children? Don’t answer this if you don’t want to.

Some days I’m like, YES, I want another sweet little baby! Other days, I think it’s pretty nice as a family of four (me + Brian + Annie + Ellie). I love the idea of having another child. I also get really overwhelmed thinking about literally every aspect of that. So we’ll see!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve taken from the pandemic?

Love your people. You don’t have to see them every single day to be there for each other. Just love them. And tell them you love them. Often.

Are you staying in NH? Any more thoughts on moving back to NJ?

TBD! No updates here! We have not yet started house hunting or planning literally anything for our future!

Do the llamas come out in snowy weather?

Yes! (We live a few houses down from a llama farm, for context.) They are out year-round!

Did you have a dog growing up? Or other pets?

No dog, but we had some fish. My brother once gave me a beta fish for Christmas, and I, naturally, named it Christmas. I loved that fish so much.

How is Ellie?

Truly thriving here in the country! Snow! Hiking! Swimming! A YARD! Girlfriend’s got it going on.

Does Ellie like the snow?


What’s your favorite episode of Schitt’s Creek?

This is an impossible question. I have favorite scenes more than I have favorite entire episodes. I love “fold in the cheese,” of course. Classic. I love the Season 2 finale, when they all dance in the barn to “Precious Love” by James Morrison. I love when Patrick sings to David, and then when David lip syncs back to Patrick a few episodes later. I love the singles night episode. I love Cabaret. I love when Alexis truly shines in the escape room episode. (Her character development is my favorite thing about the series. I love how she evolves and grows.) And of course, the series finale, when Moira walks into the town hall in that outfit.

Least favorite M&Ms flavor

I actually really only like Peanut and Plain. There’s a time and a place for the Mint ones. But otherwise? Hard pass on all the wacky ones.

Favorite song right now

Whatever Annie wants to hear, which is usually anything from The Prom soundtrack.

Favorite place in New England outside of New Hampshire

Bar Harbor, ME!

If you could only listen to one musical soundtrack for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Greatest Showman.

Do you like to cook? Favorite thing to cook/bake?

I like the idea of cooking. And I can follow a recipe. But I’m not good in the kitchen. I can’t just think of something to cook. I need to try really hard to find a recipe and then make a list of ingredients, and I just don’t enjoy that part. I wish I could just cook chicken or something without needing a very specific step-by-step process telling me how to do that. That’s why I always loved Blue Apron, because the food is so good and they make it easy and I don’t have to grocery shop or make lists! When we eventually live in our own place again, I will definitely be bringing back the Blue Apron life.

What is your favorite dinner your mom still cooks you today?

Grilled cheese sandwiches! They are so comforting to me. So simple, but she always made them for me growing up and they still taste exactly the same as they always did.

What are you most looking forward to in February?

Love on the Run Week on the Ali on the Run Show!

Do you text with Des?

This question made me LOL. We do not text regularly, but we have texted on occasion.

Thanks for all the fun questions!



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  1. Ali ok, so it seems you got my messages with my recommendations for treatment? I hope you speak to your doctor and consider what I suggested. As someone wrongly misdiagnosed with Crohns and later got cured by treating the real problem, I think you should give it a try. If you can leave a message by replying to this one on this site, I will check later. Let me know if you have any questions.

    All the best,

  2. Ali,

    I sent you a couple of message, with my comments on Crohn’s disease, and what I suspect you have. Can you leave a message here you at least go them, including the medications I recommend.
    a friend

  3. Hey Ali! We are a lot alike when it comes to cooking. I haven’t tried Blue Apron, but I’m a big Hello Fresh plan. Also, love, love, love Bar Harbor. I hope to take my kids up to Acadia National Park sometimes. I went there when I was a kid, and loved it.

  4. YAY for blog posts! Have missed yours! (And more generally speaking, have missed blogging being a thing, and especially a thing that felt authentic and like a glimpse into people’s regular lives.)

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