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Ali on the Run Show Episode 320: The 2021 State of the Ali on the Run Show

“I want every runner when they listen to this show to be reminded that regardless of your pace, your distance, how often you run, when you run — you’re a runner. I want you to know that even if you don’t see yourself in every episode, in every conversation — I see you. I see you in this community. I value you. I couldn’t do this without you. I will do my very best to make sure these conversations remain inclusive in every way possible.”

In 2020, I released 126 episodes of the Ali on the Run Show with 133 different guests. I welcomed five new sponsors (goodr, Tracksmith, Athletic Greens, Gatorade Endurance, and Atlanta Track Club), and maintained a strong partnership with longtime sponsors (AfterShokz, UCAN, and New Balance). In addition to the Thursday conversations, there was a steady stream of fun series options to choose from: Love on the Run, On the Job, Feel-Good Fridays, Ali & the Experts, What’s New With You, and On the Record. I launched a Patreon page, built a community there, and happily hosted three live shows, one of which was virtual. With more than 2.5 million downloads, 2020 was a good year for this show, at least by the numbers.

But it wasn’t easy. The state of the world forced me to do a lot of reflection, and to commit to serious changes on the show. I acknowledged — uncomfortably at times! — my own role in the running industry’s problems with racism and representation. I wrestled with how to pivot the show and these conversations once the pandemic hit.

On this episode, I’m taking a look back at the last year for the Ali on the Run Show, including sharing some key takeaways from last month’s podcast listener survey. And, ultimately, I’m looking forward so I can continue to do my best to make the Ali on the Run Show a place where all runners are seen, heard, welcomed, and represented.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Reflecting on the Ali on the Run Show in 2020, by the numbers (3:00)
  • The Ali on the Run Show in 2020, beyond the numbers (15:30)
  • On navigating how to talk about a pandemic on the podcast last March (21:00)
  • On addressing systemic racism and Black Lives Matter on the Ali on the Run Show in 2020 (24:45)
  • 2020 on the personal front (30:00)
  • Looking back at my 2020 goals and how they played out (35:00)
  • Sharing responses from the Ali on the Run Show Listener Survey (41:50)
  • Looking forward to 2021 (1:00:31)

What I mention on this episode:

Ali on the Run Show Episode 199: My 2020 Visions, Plans, Hopes, & Dreams

Shalane Flanagan on Episode 242 of the Ali on the Run Show

Chris Heuisler on Episode 265 of the Ali on the Run Show

Tunde Oyeneyin on Episode 311 of the Ali on the Run Show

Aisha Praught Leer on Episode 197 of the Ali on the Run Show

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