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Ali on the Run Show Episode 290: Christine Yu, Sports Journalist

“I’m Chinese American. My parents emigrated here from Hong Kong for college. And stereotypical as it may be, it was like, you could be a doctor, you could be a lawyer, maybe you could go into business. That was my conception of what the possibilities were for your career, for most of my life growing up. Writing never entered into my mind.”

Christine Yu is an award-winning freelance journalist who covers sports, science, and women’s health. She’s a leading voice in the industry, and is a regular contributor for Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Outside Magazine, The Washington Post, Well+Good, Women’s Health, and more. And soon, she’ll officially be a published book author! Christine signed a book deal earlier this year, and is now hard at work on her book about the science behind women in sports, which will be out next year. On this episode, Christine talks about her writing process and about why she’s passionate about diving into “taboo topics” instead of avoiding them. Christine lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons.

What you’ll get on this episode:

  • All about Christine’s new book! (5:00)
  • How Christine got her start as a journalist (21:30)
  • Christine shares her running story (48:25)

Stuff we mention on this episode:

“The Biggest Wave Surfed This Year” via The New York Times

“Women Deserve to Run Without Fear,” by Christine Yu for Runner’s World

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  1. Hi Ali,
    Maybe I’m just having an off day but I’m struggling to find the play button for Christine Yu’s podcast episode.

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