Kara and Adam Goucher

Ali on the Run Show Episode 208: Love on the Run Week with Kara & Adam Goucher

“Change always takes time, and the battles that Adam and I have chosen to fight have just taken time. We’ve learned to be patient and to think less about ourselves and more about the future.”

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re celebrating here on the Ali on the Run Show with the fifth and final episode of Love on the Run Week — and we’re wrapping things up with the Gouchers! Kara and Adam Goucher have been married for 19 years. On this episode, we have an open and honest conversation about their struggles with infertility and how it affected their marriage, Kara’s time as a Nike-sponsored athlete who was suspended without pay during her pregnancy and postpartum period, and why they’ve decided to be outspoken activists in the industry. They talk about developing thicker skin, how speaking out has impacted their relationship, and about why they’re so passionate about clean sport.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Kara and Adam met (1:55)
  • Is marriage easy? (10:35)
  • How becoming parents has changed their relationship (16:15)
  • On struggling with infertility (23:40)
  • Reflecting on Kara’s time as a Nike-sponsored athlete, and why that time was “like being in a nightmare” for Kara and Adam (28:00)
  • Has speaking out publicly brought Kara and Adam closer or has it created marital stress? (41:20)
  • Kara and Adam share their 2020 goals, hopes, and dreams (48:00)

What we mention on this episode:

Kara on Episode 43 of the Ali on the Run Show

Kara on Episode 86 of the Ali on the Run Show

“It’s Time For Me To Use My Voice” by Adam Goucher

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