Hitha Palepu

Ali on the Run Show Episode 154: Motherhood Mondays with Hitha Palepu, on Postpartum Depression, Breaking Points, & Parenting Unapologetically

“You are never going to be the woman you were before, and that’s great. Because this woman you are now is so much stronger, more powerful, capable of doing so much more. But you’ve gotta give her some time and space to heal and figure things out a bit.”

Hitha Palepu has many titles. She’s an entrepreneur and the CEO of Rhosan Pharmaceuticals, the author of the book How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip, an angel investor and advisor to women-led and women-focused start-ups, the creator of the blog Hitha on the Go, and the brains behind #5SmartReads on Instagram and in her popular weekly newsletter. She’s also a mom to four-year-old Rho and seven-week-old Rhaki. On this episode, Hitha, who lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, opens up about the realities of motherhood, her decision to have children (it wasn’t a given!), and her experience with postpartum depression and antidepressants.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Getting to know Hitha — on the decision to have kids, having help, breastfeeding, and parenting unapologetically and gratefully (1:50)
  • On the transition from one kid to two, and how Hitha is doing right now (23:00)
  • On resentment (27:50)
  • Hitha’s experience with postpartum depression, and the breaking point that got her to therapy (33:00)
  • How Hitha “recalibrated her mental state” (42:30)
  • Talking “balance” and identity loss in motherhood (45:40)
  • Hitha’s take on mom guilt (52:40)
  • Hitha’s message for new moms (56:00)

What we mention on this episode:

The Motherhood Center

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