Ali on the Run Show Episode 139: Motherhood Mondays with Abby Bales, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

“There are a lot of people who put a lot of pressure on themselves — maybe you, maybe me — to do it all. So if you do have problems postpartum, we can treat that at seven months, we can treat that at three years, we can treat it when you’re ready. I want to treat my moms when they’re ready — not when they’re feeling overwhelmed.”

Dr. Abigail Bales is the founder of Reform Physical Therapy in New York City, where she specializes in pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation, primarily focused on pelvic floor health. In this episode, Abby, who is a board-certified licensed physical therapist, breaks down everything you need to know about the pelvic floor in an easy to understand way. She talks about exercise modifications during and after pregnancy, and explains why peeing yourself after giving birth is “common, not normal.” Abby, who is a mom of two (Henry, 5, and Caitlyn, almost 2), also talks about mothering with a chronic illness (ulcerative colitis), her experience with postpartum depression, what her marriage was like after having children, body image, breastfeeding, going back to work after baby, and learning to ask for help.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What exactly does a pelvic floor physical therapist do? (4:00)
  • Signs you may have a weak pelvic floor, and when people should see a pelvic floor physical therapist (7:00)
  • What to know about exercise modifications during pregnancy (8:30)
  • Why, no, peeing yourself after pregnancy isn’t normal according to Dr. Abby (14:30)
  • Why I didn’t see Abby after giving birth — and her response to my confession (19:20)
  • How having a chronic illness has affected Abby during her pregnancies and in motherhood (25:45)
  • Abby’s experience with postpartum depression after her second baby (30:00)
  • Abby reflects on new motherhood, marriage, and body stuff (35:00)
  • On going back to work after having babies (41:00)

What we mention on this episode:

Abby on Episode 49 of the Ali on the Run Show

Reform Physical Therapy

The ACSM pregnancy guidelines

Antony Lo

Global Pelvic Health Alliance directory

Sara Blakely on Instagram

Jenny Mollen on Instagram

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  1. Pelvic floor can be important for guys too, especially runners. All part of the core and a lot of the organs and muscles down there are interconnected and interrelated.

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