Julie Brazitis

Ali on the Run Show Episode 117: Julie Brazitis, Google Brand & Creative Lead

“Stay true to yourself. It gets really good on the other side, when you’re a good person and you follow your gut on who you want to be around and what you want to do with your life.” —Julie Brazitis

Julie Brazitis just might be the loveliest, kindest, most positive person you’ll ever meet. She’s a brand and creative lead at Google, a yoga instructor, a top-honors-earning graduate of Syracuse University, and a recovering perfectionist. On this episode, Julie talks about what it’s like when you realize you’re living the dream — but that it’s someone else’s dream. She talks about what it was like growing up as a competitive gymnast, and what happened when a severe spinal cord injury derailed her high-flying aspirations. She opens up about battling alopecia in high school and ulcerative colitis in college — and the mean girls she encountered along the way. Plus, she shares her running story: how she found running, why she loved running, and how she ultimately developed an unhealthy relationship with running.

Julie has had a lovely life — something she’s happy to acknowledge — but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. This is a thought-provoking episode that’ll get you thinking about why we make certain choices, what to do about internal conflicts, and how to embrace or combat the ever-present hustle culture in today’s Instagram-inspired society.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Julie recounts her early days as a competitive gymnast, and the back-breaking injury that ended it all (2:45)
  • Dealing with alopecia — and mean girls — during high school (6:30)
  • Julie opens up about her high aspirations, the “inner conflict” she struggled with in her twenties, and choosing between her dream job and the safe route (13:30)
  • How Julie started running — and how her relationship with running quickly turned problematic (29:30)
  • Julie’s battle with ulcerative colitis, and what it was like getting diagnosed in college (32:40)
  • On being our own worst critic (44:45)
  • What it’s actually like working at Google (47:30)

What we mention on this episode:

Syracuse University

NBC Universal Page Program

Yosef Herzog on Episode 111 of the Ali on the Run Show

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