Ali on the Run Show Episode 106: I Had a Baby!

“It was like he was the deep breath, and I was the emergency barf bag.”

I had a baby! On this episode, I’m joined by a very special guest: Annie Leigh Cristiano. Annie was born on October 16, 2018, at 8:09 AM, clocking in at 5 lbs. 10 oz. On this solo episode, I’m talking about how the first month with Annie has gone, and how my expectations have compared to the reality. I talk about the challenges we’ve faced so far (breastfeeding, ugh), what Brian is like as a dad, how being selfish comes into play as a new parent, and how I’m adjusting to this new life of ours. Plus, answering listener questions and an update on all things Crohn’s disease.

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What I mention on this episode:

Annie’s Birth Story

Pregnancy + Baby Q&A

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8 Responses

  1. I loved this episode! You’re doing great. Breastfeeding is really hard. I have huge boobs and . . . made no milk. I was a psychotic mess when my first was a baby. With the second, I was like, if milk is not spraying from my boobs like a hose, I’m going straight to formula. Do what gets your baby fed and what does not drive you crazy

    Workouts: you’ll get there. Babies (and your body) change by the minute. In a couple of weeks, your boobs will level out and you’ll be more predictable so it will be easier. Annie is too little, in my opinion, to be on a schedule, but she’ll get there! I am hugely type A, so this advice killed me, but, you’ll just have to wait and see what happens and work it out.

    Do you have a Burn Boot Camp? They have childcare for workouts!

    Good luck with your super adorable girl

  2. I think this was my favorite episode of yours! You had me laughing and I could relate to so much! My daughter is 7 months old
    Now and I still remember so much of what you’re going through. Thanks for being real. Annie is adorbs!

  3. Definitely could relate to your podcast on many subjects. My baby was born almost a year ago.

    It took me a solid 16 weeks to start running again. I tried running around 12 weeks and quickly found out that it was too soon.

    We struggled sooo much with breastfeeding too. The breasts will adapt. We eventually switched to formula and I have no regrets. My (almost) one year old is happy and healthy.

    So happy for you. You are doing great! Thanks for sharing your (and Annie’s) story.

  4. And I just have to add that I don’t mean to be another person giving advice. I just know I was in such pain and was so relieved and greatful to have a solution that worked for me.

  5. Hi Ali!
    I’m just part of the way through this podcast (and truly amazed you found the time to produce this!), but I felt the urgent need to let you know that I completely struggled with breastfeeding, too. My problem was just one side–one nipple is inverted, the other isn’t, and the inverted side had serious skin breakdown and bleeding. It was sooo painful!!!! I, too, pumped and bottled on that side for a month (I kept trying to feed my son on that side after about a week of resting it and pumping, but it kept breaking down). I saw one LC and she said he was latching fine, keep trying. I finally talked to another LC who recommended I get a prescription for APNO (all purpose nipple ointment). It’s an antibiotic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. You have to have it made up by a compounding pharmacy (your MD should know where) since they mix all 3 meds together. It saved me! My nipple healed and I was able to enjoy snuggling with my son instead of being tied to the pump.
    I’m not sure if APNO would help you at all, but I was so greatful that it worked for me and to be relieved of the pain that I had to pass this on right away.
    However you end up feeding Annie (breast/bottle, milk/formula), just know that you are doing a fantastic job!!!!
    And I love your show!

  6. Totally typing these comments as I listen….
    Your breastfeeding struggle sounds exactly like mine! Crazy! I started pumping exclusively on day 3. Breastfeeding is sooo difficult. I ended up getting postpartum depression from the breastfeeding/pumping. Know that breastfeeding/pumping is not magical for everyone. If you want to cut down on the amount of time pumping and feeding, you can feed her in a bouncer while pumping.

    Oh and my back hurt too! I figured it was just me! Being hunched over the bassinet putting the her pacifier in for the 538 time a night killed my back!

    And yes pooping while eating is normal. As they get older they start to poop less and less. They stop pooping overnight too.

    For sore nipples, make sure you’re lubing your tubes with nipple cream or coconut oil before pumping. Sleep topless if possible. I used to walk around the house with my boobs out just so they could have time without anything rubbing against them. lol If you start getting shooting pain or a burning sensation in your breasts after pumping and your nipples are extra sore, you probably have thrush. You can treat it with antifungals from the doctor, but honestly the best thing I found was gentian violet. You can apply it to your nipples and areolas 1 time. One treatment usually works. Your nipples will be purple. Use disposable breast pads and avoid getting the gentian violet on your clothes. It will stain. One treatment should give you relief within a few hours.

    Make sure you’re getting time away for yourself. You’ll start to feel more like your “old” self. But yes, your life will no longer be just yours anymore.

    You’re doing a great job. Congratulations again. So excited for you both.

  7. I loved listening to this episode. Your ability to be very real and not sugar coat the reality of life with a new baby was very refreshing. When my daughter was in the infant stage and I was trying to figure out how to start working out again I turned to youtube. I started doing the Body Fit by Amy postnatal videos. My daughter would lay next to me on her boppy while I did my workout. As far as the boobs and the bra. I was wore a nursing bra for workouts until I was about 6 weeks postpartum.

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