Baby on the Run: Week 38

Baby on the Run: Week 38

It’s the last weekly recap post!

If you’ve checked in at all, you know how this one ends. (!!!) But in the spirit of documenting it all, here’s a not-super-relevant-now look back at my 38th — and final — week of pregnancy.

(Also, now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I swear I blacked out for all of it, because I really can’t quite remember what it feels like to be pregnant. It’s so weird.)

Baby on the Run: Week 38
The last pregnant belly shot!


a swiss chard. Cool! No more fruit and vegetable comparisons!


Foggy and weird. Week 38 was a weird one, mentally. I just felt off. I had an appointment with the midwife on Wednesday, and they actually didn’t measure the baby during this appointment. They usually measure for estimates every time, but at this one they just checked the baby’s blood flow in the cord and my fluid levels, which were starting to get low.

I got a cervical check, and was told I was around 1 cm dilated, 60 percent effaced, and -2 station. Choo choo! They agreed that the baby had dropped a bit and was lower in my pelvis, which is good, and I did — and passed — another nonstress test. Baby was moving around a lot, which is exactly what everyone wants.

Baby on the Run: Week 38
Look at that belly!

I felt really out of it after the appointment, and slept most of Wednesday afternoon. I felt like there was a cloud hanging over me, though I couldn’t pinpoint a reason for it. I didn’t feel like myself, and when I finally went to bed that night, I burst into tears for no reason at all. Cool!

I spent the rest of the week really wanting to clean and bake muffins.


Muffins. And Brian and I went to Lilia with some friends on Sunday night. I had joked that I wanted the mafaldini to be my final pre-labor meal, and we happened to go Sunday night — and I happened to go to the hospital the next day. So it really did end up being my last pregnant dinner!


At Wednesday’s appointment, my midwife told me to stop running. She said that because my fluid levels were getting low, I shouldn’t do anything that would further dehydrate me. She told me to — finally — start taking it easy and hydrating. She said I could still go to Orangetheory if I felt like it, but she wanted me walking instead of running and drinking tons of water.

I took what ended up being my 198th and final pregnant Orangetheory class on Monday morning!

Baby on the Run: Week 38
My last class for a while! These are my OTF best friends, and I miss them already.


I don’t remember!


I don’t remember! (I told you, in retrospect, this is all a blur.)


On Thursday night, Brian insisted I relax, and did so by setting up a very lovely bath (complete with music and candles and salts!), which definitely helped! I got my final prenatal massage on Friday, which was wonderful, and slept in Saturday, which was glorious. I didn’t get out of bed until 10 AM and was super lazy all day.

Baby on the Run: Week 38


Nothing. I know how this ends!

Baby on the Run: Week 38

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  1. Such a sweet little family! I really, really hope you do a birth story recap! I have a three month old and before him I had no idea why people like hearing other people’s birth stories. Now I’m obsessed!! Hahaha

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