Baby on the Run: Week 24

The first trimester of pregnancy flew by. And after that, the late-teen weeks also seemed to go by at rapid speeds. But now I feel like I’ve been in the early twenties of this pregnancy for 19 months. Everything is fine, and things are still mostly going well (just that pesky Crohn’s getting in the way of things!), I just feel like I’ve been saying I’m 20-something weeks for a while now.

But now, as I head into Week 25 (with a zit inside my nose!), here’s a look back at a mostly uneventful Week 24!

Baby on the Run: Week 24


cantaloupe?! And the length of an ear of corn, which is hard for me to type, since you know I can’t eat corn, as I have been traumatized by corns in the past. Yes, plural corns. So many corns.

Baby on the Run: 24 Weeks
I couldn’t make a normal face because I was like OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BIG.


If we scrap the Crohn’s part of the conversation, I feel great! My back pain is gone, and I’m not quite as bitchy as I was last week. (Though… I can think of a few people who might care to debate that statement.)

My stomach feels large and is definitely leading the way. The baby continues to kick all the time, which is my favorite thing, and I can tell he or she is taking up a whole lot of space in there. I pee, and immediately feel like I need to pee again. And those kicks and jabs feel like they’re all over the place — sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes on opposite sides of each other. Flailing limbs inside my soccer ball-sized uterus!

And while I was maybe slightly less angsty this week (eh, debatable), I did cry again watching American Ninja Warrior. But can you blame me?! There was a woman on there who has a three-legged dog, and he’s a therapy dog now, and she’s a teacher and she brings him to school with her two days a week and he comforts the kids! And then there was a teacher from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, and so yeah, I was just a mess. These people work so hard to get on the show and they’re so inspiring and I want them all to get to the buzzer! Maybe my next job could be as a Ninja Warrior commentator?! I would really like that job.

Baby on the Run: Week 24
BRIAN MADE ME DO THIS. (We both thought it would look cooler than it does…)


Dairy-free deviled eggs, gluten-free turkey burgers, dairy-free tzatziki sauce — so much good stuff, a la Brian, who decided he wanted to spend July 4th in the kitchen!


I so want to run right now, because I love summer running, but the Crohn’s stuff is putting a damper on that. I tried to get out for a run on July 4th, but basically took three steps and was like, “Nah.” I went back home and changed back into my pajamas instead. I did run my 3-mile loop on Saturday morning when the weather was delightful, and in general I felt good — minus the Crohnsy bathroom stops. It’s frustrating, but it’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before.

I did have a few fleeting moments this week where I missed really pushing myself. But again, that has little to do with pregnancy and more to do with taking it easy on the Crohn’s-related front. I like my 3-mile loop, but I do miss running six miles — something I’m just not motivated to do when it’ll inevitably involve just as many bathroom stops. It’s not a huge deal, and I know it’s temporary, and I’ve been through this before. I was just really hoping Crohn’s wasn’t going to come out to play during this time.

Baby on the Run: Week 24
Still kinda got it! But it’s harder now!


OVERALL JUMPERS. I am completely obsessed. The Australian-based company Bae the Label sent me a few maternity pieces, and they are amazing. They call this overall dress a “pinafore,” which is adorable, and I believe is a word I remember reading in my many American Girl books. (I had Samantha. Who did you have?)

Baby on the Run: 24 Weeks


Well now I want to go back and read all those American Girl books. No baby books this week.


Great! How are you sleeping?

Actually, I’m sleeping mostly great. Brian worked through the night almost every night last week, including all weekend, and I sleep fine if I know he’s not going to be home at all, but when I’m not sure when exactly he’ll be home, I tend to toss and turn and send the occasional sleepy text message saying something like, “You OK?” and then falling back asleep before he responds. Also, when he’s not home, Ellie sleeps directly on top of me, which is very sweet, but not comfortable for me. I only care about her, though. In summary: Sleeping fine.

Baby on the Run: Week 24
We’ve started accumulating some baby stuff. Ellie likes to protect it.


When will I get motivated to do the “big stuff” on the baby list? Things like “figure out childcare plan” (definitely already behind on this), “find pediatrician,” and “complete registry.” It’s fun to do the little things, like buying little booties with little giraffes on them, and talking about baby names. It is less fun, to me, to do the things that actually matter. (I mean, the name matters. And the booties definitely matter. But the other stuff is possibly a bit more urgent and consequential…)

I saw some other blogger (who, interestingly, has me blocked on Twitter? did I do something offensive?! I have never interacted with this person…) who wrote pregnancy recaps during her first pregnancy, and went down a very deep and regretful rabbit hole of reading way too many of them. She posted her baby to-do list around this same time, and it had SO MUCH STUFF on it, and it was almost all done by this point! Her entire nursery was done! We haven’t even moved into the home we’ll be living in when this baby comes home. And I’m not stressed, I know we have plenty of time. But damn.

On the plus side, Brian and I did spend some time on the Fourth figuring out stuff. We picked a crib and a dresser, and will order them once we move, so they can be delivered to the new place.

Baby on the Run: Week 24
I love sitting. This has nothing to do with pregnancy. I’ve always loved sitting down.

And my rant of the week, which should probably be a new thing: These insane people who post on the pregnancy message boards (BabyCenter and What to Expect, namely). I shouldn’t waste my time reading any of it, but I somehow get daily emails with all the posts and I can’t look away. (I’ll be honest, I read them while I’m going to the bathroom in the morning. What a way to wake up!) The other day, this woman posted about how she’s like 25 weeks pregnant and is still smoking a ton of cigarettes. A few people were like, “DUDE STOP,” and then everyone flipped out — on those people! They were all, “This is a place of kindness and support” (it’s really not, it’s a place of madness), and saying to give her a break, and I was like, “THIS IS CRAZYTOWN, POPULATION ALL OF YOU.” Woman, you are pregnant. You don’t have to be perfect, but IDK, you should probably not still be smoking two packs a day. That’s not “mommy shaming,” it’s common sense. Give your kid a chance!

And then people will post being like, “We are trying to decide between these baby names, what do you think?!” So they are asking for opinions. But if anyone says they don’t like one of the names, it turns into a war. IDK MAYBE DON’T ASK FOR OPINIONS FROM THE INTERNET, THEN?

Finally, there are the people who run to the message boards to post really intense medical questions instead of calling their doctors. It makes me real nervous. One woman said she had been bleeding for 24 hours and hadn’t felt her baby move in a few days, and when people asked why she hadn’t been to the doctor, she said she didn’t want to pay the co-pay. Which, OK, I get that finances can be difficult, especially with a baby on the way, but this seems like a case where you should give into the co-pay.

Summary: I have zero compassion and I take back what I said about being less angsty! Still got it! And still unapologetic about it! (Is this why I was blocked on Twitter?!) And still very excited to be pregnant!

Week 25 includes a weekend visit to see my family — mom (celebrating her 60th!!), dad, brother, sis-in-law, Tyler, and Abby. Get pumped for lots of Abby Insta Stories, I’m sure. I’m so excited!

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  1. Try to find childcare soon. Our daycare is booked a year out. And it’s not a highly advanced, make-my-kid-a-genius type daycare. It’s a normal one.

  2. I am a nurse and that comment about the bleeding makes me want to call that person and tell them to go to their doctor! I must have missed you guys are moving to a new place – congratulations! You’re going to be awesome parents. Try not to worry too much. The internet can be stupid. Also I had Molly, Kirsten, and Samantha. All about that American Girl life. I hope girls still like them now. Maybe a question for Abby this weekend haha!

  3. Those message boards are insane! Isn’t there no copay for ob/gyn appointments? I just had a baby in September and I swear I wasn’t paying for most visits if any. Maybe it was my insurance?
    Anyway, it’s good you’re not stressed. My daughter is almost 10 months old and we just set up her nursery. We moved from our 1 bedroom when she was about 4 months old. She slept in a swing when she was first born until she got too big, and then she slept in a pack n play and it was fine. Don’t stress those todo lists. It’ll come together.

  4. Literally just started reading my 5 year old my American Girl books TODAY. She asked what a pinafore was??? so this made me laugh! Glad you are feeling well despite the darn Crohns! Hugs!

  5. Girl, I’m less than a week ahead of you and I haven’t even started looking at pediatricians! I did start looking into childcare options, but the responses have either been: “oh it’s too soon to start looking!” OR “we are fully booked until September 2019, sorry!” I got SO frustrated that I just stopped looking… And nursery… what nursery?? We live in a STUDIO! It’s already enough if the baby will have a crib 😛 Really don’t get stressed because you’re MOST DEFINITELY NOT ALONE :*

    1. I’m not stressed! I just have a list that I figure I’ll tackle…eventually! I feel pretty chill about everything right now — excited, but chill. And YAY, congratulations to you!!

  6. Girl… I sooo know how it feels!! I’m about as far along as you, and we just moved back to the States from Italy. We have zero furniture and zero baby stuff!!! In fact, we don’t even know when our household goods and furniture will be arriving!! I’m trying not to worry about it but honestly I’m not sure how I haven’t had a nervous breakdown yet 😉

    You look great in your pictures… good luck with week 25!!

    1. We have lots of time! I’m not stressed at all, I just saw this other woman’s COMPLETED to-do list and was like DAMN, GIRL. I feel good about where we’re at! And welcome back to the U.S.!

  7. The only things you need before the baby comes are: 1) somewhere for the baby to sleep (you might want to do a bassinet next to you at first, makes getting up to feed a little easier); 2) swaddles; 3) diapering products; 4) a car seat; and 5) as much as possible, information about and a plan for nursing, if that’s what you choose to do.

    All your baby will do at first is eat, sleep, cry, poop. You don’t need any of the bigger furniture until later. You can also figure out childcare later since you’ll probably be with him/her a few months at least anyway.

  8. we didn’t have the nursery done until i was 38 weeks. and i didn’t pack a “hospital bag” with stuff for me and baby while we’re in hospital, until i was actively in labor, between contractions, and was like ok fine i guess i’m going to the hospital soon (i don’t recommend this). you’re fine- don’t stress!! baby just needs access to milk (and a car seat if driving to the hospital) to survive the first few days. our baby slept in a swing or in my bed until 5 mos old so a complete nursery was nonessential!

  9. I had Kirsten. Although I wish I had Samantha instead because she looked more like me. Oh well, Kirsten is what second grade me wanted. I love following along with your pregnancy because we are due around the same time I believe. October 29th here. Although our pregnancies are not going the same! I was diagnosed with a muscle strain about a month ago that is very painful, and I have a fibroid that is growing right along with the baby. Not fun! And I also wake up about every two hours through the night. I am SO ready for October.

    1. I *wanted* Kirsten! I liked her blonde braids! (No surprise there.) And congratulations on your pregnancy, and sending good health and lots of love your way! Hoping the pain eases up ASAP.

  10. As an OB/GYN, I had no idea people write on message boards rather than call doctor….that one story you posted is really frightening! Yikes! I hope she and her baby are ok (and now I want to go see what people write on these message boards).

  11. I was so the same as you with getting stuff done! I went for the fun stuff first and procrastinated the big stuff – but it does get done and if it doesn’t, the baby won’t notice lol My son came 3 weeks early and was jaundiced so we had a week stay in the hospital – I definitely did not have everything done, so my mom frantically got the last bits before we got home! Mom’s rock lol

  12. You have plenty of time!! Setting up the nursery is more for the mama than the baby 🙂 We didn’t buy a crib for our son until he was two months old (he slept in a rock n play in our room at first). And, totally agree with your thoughts on smoking during pregnancy. You just don’t!!!

  13. LOL, I was all about getting stuff done with my first… with my third, not so much. Other than some clothes, we didn’t set up her sleeping area until about a month before she was born, bought stuff less than two weeks before. It still got done! I wasted a lot of time looking at What to Expect message boards as well. Runners World used to have forums and there was a women runners forum and I loved getting to know the other runner mamas out there. They didn’t have that any more with #3 so I felt kinda lost without a community to talk to.

  14. OMG YES….I fall down that rabbit hole on Baby Center all the time. Its really hard not to judge. And some people have crazy stories!

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