Baby on the Run: Week 23

During the past 23 weeks of this pregnancy, I have been very chill. Like surprisingly chill. I’ve felt laid-back and relaxed, I haven’t been stressing about little things like making sure the bed is made “perfectly,” and I have generally been enjoying life and all these changes. I even questioned the whole “pregnancy hormones” thing. (Except on my face. Pregnancy glow is actually just a lot of zits, breakouts, and splotches, I guess.)

But this week? Oh this week.

This week I was angry. Filled with rage. Cranky. Mean! Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s those pregnancy hormones after all. Or maybe, as I shouted repeatedly all week long, maybe everyone is just so stupid. Bad drivers, people who don’t respond to important emails, whoever invented Skype, and the two people at Orangetheory who came dangerously close to meeting my fist on Sunday morning — everyone was on my nerves this week, and I was very vocal about it. (Except Ellie. She’s flawless.)

Baby on the Run: Week 23
PERFECT PUPPY! It was so hot on Saturday. She would chase the ball once, and then recover in the shade. Such a smart girl! And I just stayed in the shade.

So sure, we can blame the hormones. But I will happily own the fact that I have no time, energy, or patience for idiots or assholes.


I really haven’t cried much in the past 23 weeks, either, but on Friday, there were tears. First, Brian did something really, really, really, really nice for me. Like so nice. I’ll talk about it another time. Then, I was feeling lonely. And then, I was watching American Ninja Warrior, and I cried. I just wanted those people to all be winners, especially with their husbands, wives, kids, and parents watching. That show is really emotional, I guess.

Here’s how the rest of the not-so-dramatic week played out…

Baby on the Run: Week 23
Ellie wanted her squeaky football in the photo this week. Whatever you want, Ellie!


…grapefruit, papaya, or large mango. I swear I got mango like six weeks ago. Baby should be roughly a foot long by now! (In length. Baby is not a hot dog.)

Baby on the Run: Week 23
This is my baby.


OK. Emotionally, obviously a handful. Physically, frustrated with the state of my stomach. I am definitely experiencing some mile Crohn’s symptoms, and even the most mild symptoms (just the diarrhea and inconvenient urgency) are frustrating.

But yay, my back pain disappeared this week! I had my second appointment with the chiropractor, and I left being like, “That was so dumb, she didn’t even do anything, I’m never going back,” and then woke up the next day feeling awesome. I don’t like the adjustments and the cracking, but I guess something is working because that back pain was really horrible and debilitating, and now it’s M.I.A.

Baby continues to be super duper active. On Saturday afternoon, Brian, Ellie, and I were all hanging out on the floor, and baby was going nuts. Brian, as always, put his hand on my stomach and yelled, “HEY BABY. IT’S YOUR DAD,” and felt tons of super strong kicks and jabs. And then, he claimed he “trained” our baby. I can’t even type this with a straight face, but he is dead serious about this.

He would say, “Kick Kick,” and the baby would kick in response. So now he is convinced that the baby is “trained,” and that when we all meet in the delivery room, he will say, “Kick Kick,” and the baby will oblige. LET’S SEE HOW THIS ONE PLAYS OUT, OK?

Baby on the Run: Week 23
Here’s a picture of my niece, Abby, being cute. She dressed herself!


TACOS. I had shrimp tacos for lunch on Saturday, and on Sunday, they were the only thing I wanted to eat. So that’s what I had. Again. From the same restaurant. And I woke up Monday morning and the only thing I wanted for breakfast was shrimp tacos. I didn’t have them for breakfast, but I would have.


Meh. Workouts this week were pretty lame on account of my Crohnsy stomach. I still got moving a few days, which is always nice, including some Orangetheory classes and a short, steamy run Saturday morning. I needed two bathroom stops, which I didn’t love, but otherwise I took it slow and ran happy and was glad I did it.

Then there was the FIGHT. I got into a bit of an altercation at Orangetheory on Sunday morning. This dude got in my face about being on “his” machine, even though there were plenty in there to accommodate everyone, and I was there first, AND he was actually rotating with the wrong group and should’ve been on the floor, not where he was trying to be. It was the weirdest thing, being yelled at by a flailing, grown-ass man in the middle of a group fitness class, but I think I handled it remarkably well — by telling him he was being insane and to calm down, and then asking, “So what exactly is the problem here? I’m having a hard time understanding your aggression and frustration.”

And then, it was a three-person group workout, and the woman in my group (much, much older than me, and a very intense person) said I was going to “slow us down” because I’m pregnant. (See aforementioned rant about people being the worst.) I handled this one with a fake smile, assuring her I would be the one setting the pace for the group. And I did.

Baby on the Run: Week 23


I ordered some maternity overalls. I haven’t tried them on yet. But I am pumped about them.


When I first found out I was pregnant, Brian went out and bought a bunch of baby books. It was very exciting to read about pregnancy early on! Then I got kind of sick of it. But this week, I randomly went back and pulled out the ol’ What to Expect When You’re Expecting, just to see what it says about where I’m at. And I quickly remembered why I stopped reading that book. Some of it is informational, but a lot of it skews toward fear-mongering and talking about all the bad things that maybe possibly could happen. Not really my jam. But I like reading about baby’s development.


Fine. How are you sleeping?!

Baby on the Run: Week 23
I love naps with my puppy!


  1. What kind of diaper bag should I get? I definitely want a backpack, because I love backpacks. And how are diaper bags even different than any other kind of bag or backpack? Is this just a marketing thing or is there something magical in there, like a pocket filled with gold or a different pocket filled with a live-in nanny?
  2. Baby-wearing! I haven’t even begun researching this yet, but if you have baby-wearing recommendations or thoughts, lay ’em on me! I want a situation that’s comfortable (for me and for baby), can accommodate giant boobs (these things are just… so big right now, and will presumably be even bigger post-baby for a while), and doesn’t take a ton of finagling to get into and out of (like my sports bras).
  3. Runny eggs during pregnancy. Yay or nay? I’ve been avoiding, because see aforementioned fear-mongering, but I see so many women I trust and respect eating runny eggs during their pregnancies. So can someone chime in with science-backed expert advice, preferably advice that says eating runny eggs won’t kill me or my child?

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  1. I thought diaper bags were a waste of money (and they are, because they are just regular bags). But when I went to mom and baby yoga, it was like a new world of competition. So I wanted the Fawn diaper bag because everyone loooved theirs. But I ended up buying the Freshly Picked one and I like it. I get a lot of compliments on it from people who don’t have babies, and there’s lots of pockets.
    I also liked the Baby K’tan for baby wearing at the beginning because I am useless with the ones you have to wrap yourself.

  2. Those OTF people sound actually insane. I would not have had the patience you did when I was pregnant (or now, whatever). I have the Tula carrier and love it. I used it with the infant insert when my daughter was a newborn and still use it now at almost 8 months. She has always loved napping in it and it was so easy to get her into when I was solo with her at the store or walking our dog. They can’t forward face in it, but it has really good hip support for them and doesn’t hurt my back at all! I also got a moby wrap but I never felt like I could tie it securely enough so I never used it. As for runny eggs, I did it as long as they were pasteurized. I’d do whatever you feel comfortable with!

  3. I didn’t read through all the comments, so someone may have already recommended these.!
    1. I had a diaper bag with my first and I hated it and ended selling it and just using various bags/backpacks/purses. I found i only really needed 2 diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes. I was BF though so if you are traveling with bottles you may want more space/insulation etc.

    2. Highly recommend going to a baby wearing international meeting once baby is born before you invest in a baby carrier bc you may love what everyone else hates or vice versa (this is what happened to me). If you can get someone to lend you a soft stretchy wrap like the solly, moby or ktan(which is the most user friendly) those are awesome for the squishy newborn phase, and then you can try out other carriers before you invest. Personally I hated the ergo 360, loved woven wraps and the tula. I could never get ring slings quite right but some people love those.

    3. I loved expecting better – its written by an economist who basically breaks down the studies and data behind common pregnancy recommendations, guidelines and genetic advice we get a lot of. It really helped ease any anxiety i had about so much of the confusing information that is out there. I was pretty relaxed my first pregnancy after reading this book, and now during my second pregnancy I basically eat everything. Runny eggs the risk is salmonella – which won’t harm the fetus just make you very sick. Which is a risk any time you eat runny eggs pregnant or not!

  4. I would use a smallish, normal backpack. You can keep this in your diaper bag and change baby on it ( That cloth is large, waterproof and machine washable. It’s amazing. I’ve done pumped breast milk in a bottle and formula and have never needed the insulated bottle pockets that come in most diaper bags. The wipes pocket/container in most diaper bags is super small and requires you to buy small travel packs of wipes. I just throw in a large pack of close-able wipes and don’t worry about it for a few months.

    For a carrier, a cloth carrier would be best during the early months. the K’tan is pretty straight forward and easy to put on. For a structured carrier, the Lillebaby or Tula carriers are the best. They are pricey but durable and help support your back and baby’s weight.

  5. omg those people are terrible
    1. we use a graco backpack for my 1 year old’s stuff. big fan of the backpack style (you need as many hands as possible
    2. we used a lille carrier- also a huge fan of this. we still use it, on our backs now, and he’s almost 14 mos. (for reference i am a 34dd and it fits me comfortable). i tried the boba wrap and it just didn’t seem to support him enough. i like how sturdy the lille is.
    3. i ate eggs benny and caesar salad a few times throughout pregnancy and baby’s fine. didn’t eat them all the time but didn’t completely avoid. i did completely avoid lunch meat, unpasteurized dairy, and high mercury foods. other stuff i was less worried about. you do you!

  6. People like that woman at OTF are the ones that make people like me, who are slow runners and not in great shape, nervous to try places like that. If I went in and saw it was a “group workout” I’d probably leave again because I’d be afraid of exactly that reaction from people. Ugh. Sorry that happened to you. It seems like you handled it really well.

    1. I totally get that fear, but the wonderful news is that 99.9% of the people are NOT like that! I’ve been going for more than a year and have done loads of awesome partner and group workouts, and everyone is always very chill and supportive and lovely. (And in terms of the group / partner workouts, it’s never actually about pace or working together. It’s basically everyone doing their own thing and rotating. So no stress — you should try it! First class is free! Can you tell I love OTF? Haha.)

  7. I am three months into motherhood, so not an expert, but here’s my two cents!
    1. I got a backpack style diaper bag (this one HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack Nappy Bags for Baby Care, Large Capacity, Stylish and Durable, Linen thinking my husband would appreciate a more unisex kind of bag. He’ still not crazy about it, but I love it. I’ve found being able to wear it so convenient, and I personally love the setup of the pockets, especially the insulated bottle front pocket. I say backpack diaper bag all the way. One thing to note: a ton of other moms have this bag, so if that would bother you, there’s that to consider.
    2. I think baby wearing is great. I have a Moby wrap style wrap and it’s been great for the newborn time. I just bought an Ergo to start using now that my baby is bigger, so we’re slowly transitioning. The wrap takes a few minutes to get set up and to load the baby, but it’s totally doable. I watched a few YouTube videos and did it a few times and have no trouble now. I’m part of a local babywearing fb group and it’s a great resource to see what kinds of carriers are out there and to even try some out as most members are willing to let you borrow theirs. I read up on hip dysplasia and making sure the baby is properly positioned in the carrier, so I would recommend being informed about that before you pick your carrier.
    3. I followed all the “don’t eat” lists until about the middle of my second trimester. Then I couldn’t stand the thought of another hard cooked egg, so I started eating them runny again. By the end, the only thing I wasn’t eating was sushi. Be careful about where your food comes from and how it’s handled, but eat what you want. You’ll be fine!

  8. I was 30 weeks and balled my hubby didn’t replace the toilet roll. Also balled at the babies on TV and the news every night. Hormones are yet to fully kick in!

    1. Any bag will do. Nappy bags have fun little compartments and pockets which is why I like them. Easy wipe down is a must.

    2. Ergo 360 with infant insert.

    3. Eggs… I resisted until a couple of weeks before baby came for soft ones. I also didn’t eat cured meats. I have friends that did. We are all fine and our now toddlers are perfectly healthy.

  9. I have never commented on your blog before, but I have two very important things to say today:
    1) You handled both of those situations incredibly well! Like this might sound weird because I don’t actually know you, but I am so proud of you mama!
    2) I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and it is about 5 million degrees out and let me tell you, MATERNITY OVERALLS ARE AMAZING. They are literally all I want to wear, to the degree that I actually now own two pairs – one that is ripped and covered in paint splatters that I wear at home and for dirty jobs, and then my nicer “leaving the house overalls,” and I adore them both. They don’t ride up or fall down, they go with 90% of my tops including a lot of non-maternity things that I couldn’t get away with otherwise, and they look inexplicably adorable on all pregnant women. You rock those overalls girl!

  10. I have two kids and my second is 8 months. I haven’t used a diaper bag with either as they all look hideous to me. If you have a backpack you love, buy a diaper clutch (holds diapers and has a changing pad) and you are good to go. Honestly, all you need is a couple diapers, some wipes, and a change of clothes when they are in the blow out stage.

    I used the baby ktan when both were in the newborn stage and the bjorn when bigger. Loving the bjorn at this stage, but defiantly wish I had one one the new air flow carriers. I feel like the original is a tad warm in the summer months.

    As to funny eggs, go for it. I ate them during both pregnancies. I had totally guilt with my first, but she was fine and got over it with my second 🙂 Definatley stay away from the books…they drove me batty and made me all kinds of anxious.

  11. Long time reader and follower. Waaaay older. I’m a mom of 4 and my oldest just graduated. When I was pregnant with her, my husband came home to see me sobbing while watching Oprah. It was her “favorite things” episode. I was sooooo happy for all of the audience members and their wonderful surprises. I couldn’t help myself. I should mention that I never cry and often laugh uncomfortably when others do…
    Baby wearing…all 4 like different things including one kid that hated it!
    Also..,,ewwwww….runny eggs ?
    Best of luck! You’re doing great things!!!

  12. I did that OTF workout Sunday!! Thankfully my group was pretty sane but we definitely have the crazies!! As far as your questions!! I actually used a Patagonia messenger type bag as my diaper bag and loved it! I basically but a diaper wallet inside and then whatever other things I needed. My husband would carry but usually he would just grab the diaper wallet! Highly recommend the diaper wallet!! I say use what ever large bag you want! I bought a nice Kate Spade diaper bag and honestly never used it! It’s called the “Mom bag!” My daughter is 2.5 and I still have to use a huge bag. I look forward to someday using a cute little purse again! ? As far as carrier we had the ERGO 360 which my husband would also wear but I also treated myself to a TULA! Super comfy and cute patterns. I couldn’t deal with the wraps! To complicated!
    As far as your last question, I didn’t eat runny eggs, sushi or shellfish but I say you do whatever you feel comfortable with! You’ll get answers on both sides!! ❤️

  13. I don’t remember the race with my first two, but I went through that so bad with my last pregnancy! I broke things in our house and my husband was concerned. Emotions were terrible this time too! Diaper bags… I was thrilled to discover back pack diaper bags! I hate taking a million bags when we go out and have to pile them all in one shoulder. The diaper bag will have extra pockets for everything. Idk if it’s really necessary, I suppose a backpack would have been fine so how few things I pack in it! Baby wearing… love it. It was the only way I could get my daughter to sleep for a few weeks. I have an infantino mei tei… it’s a generic version of something (Ive obviously done my research! I think it’s similar to ergo). I used it with kid two and three. I haven’t used it much lately since it’s pretty thick and so hot here. I’ve considered trying to find something thinner for summer, but some are SO expensive for just basically a big cloth. Some of the others also look so hard to put on! Do you need a second person to make sure you don’t drop the baby?? The Mei Tei I can easily put on all my myself. And on runny eggs, I don’t care for them, so I don’t know.

  14. 1) Yes, you can just use a regular backpack – but you’ll want to pop a changing pad in the laptop compartment. I’ve been using the SkipHop pro forma backpack, which is only moderately overpriced, highly water resistant, and has worked well and held up admirably through almost a year of daily use.

    2) I have, and have used many times, the K’tan, the Boba wrap, and the Ergo.
    – The K’tan is great for small babies because it’s easy to pop them in, but I find the support isn’t great for larger babies or more active moms. I used it for naps when my son was a newborn, and for a travel / emergency wrap for a few months after. Note that it’s sized, so if you and Brian both want to use it you’ll probably need to buy two.
    – The Boba wrap (just a long piece of fabric – there are other brands that are identical) has a learning curve, but it’s more adjustable than the K’tan. I could wear it looser if I wanted to laze on the couch during a nap, tighter if I was planning on being out and about (the downside is you’re essentially re-sizing it every time you put it on). I found it very comfortable and my son took every single nap in this from ages 3-6 months.
    – The Ergo is the only carrier we still use now that he’s approaching his birthday. It offers much better support, both for an active baby and for the parent that’s carrying the baby. Like other structured carriers, it can be resized for parents of different sizes, although this takes a couple minutes.
    – There are other brands of structured carriers and everyone has their favorite. Be wary of “off-brand” carriers – yes, it sucks paying $150+ for this, but the $40 discount brand is discount for a reason. This is one area where you get what you pay for.

    3) I have no scientific advice to offer, but two book recommendations – the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (same idea as What to Expect but less fear-mongering) and Expecting Better (the author actually does look at the science, and her opinion on runny eggs is that they are fine sometimes, like if they are fresh and from a reputable source. She feels the same way about sushi.)

  15. My main carrier advice is to see if you have friends or neighbors with different kinds you can try out. It’s a very personal choice and there are so many options!
    We used classic Bjorn with both kids and the Ergo with the first. I loaned out the Ergo and never got it back for kid #2, so we wound up bumping him to our Kelty backpack earlier than kid #1. BOTH of my boys are super active and much prefer the Kelty–they can see more from up there. 🙂 Kid #1 also hated the Bjorn (and his carseat) until he could face forward–born with a deep sense of FOMO, that one. 😉

  16. I’m currently 27 weeks… 1. I totally went through the rage and it sometimes reappears. 2. I can’t wait to see the overalls. 3. I say yes to runny eggs….

    That’s all I have to offer.. LOL! Love that you’re sharing your journey!

  17. Another vote for the Moby for the newborn period. Wearing my son in the Moby helped handled the fussiness of the 4th trimester immensely. I had a Bjorn Carrier One that I liked, but got a Lillebaby for my second baby that’s well-reviewed. I’m not personally an Ergo fan, but I know people love them. Feel free to check back in with my around August/September and I’ll let you know how I like the Lillebaby. Baby is coming in 7 days so hopefully it’ll get used really soon!

  18. You can by pasteurized raw eggs at specialty stores and safely make your own runny eggs. Raw/under cooked eggs carry a risk of Salmonella. It won’t kill you or the baby, but why take the risk of a serious GI infection when you don’t have to?

  19. So excited for you! And kudos for still running… I stopped at the second tri after peeing myself 3 miles into a 5 mile run. That’s enough of that, I thought.

    1. I bought an oversized longchamp bag and put a foldable diaper pad inside. I feel like anything with the word baby attached is a gimmick (though ok some of it is really useful) but like that I can wipe it down, fold it up (for travel), and use post baby.

    2. Bjorn Carrier One. I found it easiest to get in and out of solo, which is a must when your hubs goes back to work after 2 weeks! Bonus for mesh … I sweat a lot.

    3. I literally ate Caesar salad throughout my entire pregnancy before realizing there’s raw egg in it. I was a bit of a rule breaker with food (with the exception of raw fish), but I found most of it to be overly precautious. People around the world deliver healthy babies with a totally different set of regulations! At least that’s what I told myself. All moms should make the decision that’s most comfortable to them. 🙂

  20. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant!

    I cried last week because my husband said he “doesn’t really like pork chops” and that’s what I had made for dinner. I cried yesterday because my cat accidentally scratched me. So I hear ya.

    I read Panic Free Pregnancy which says runny yolks are fine. It says your risk of getting salmonella from an under cooked egg is no greater because you are pregnant, and salmonella cannot be passed to your fetus. So if you do get food poisoning, you will be miserable but your baby will be safe. Not the same for listeria though, which can be passed to the baby. Interesting stuff!

  21. 1. I have used regular shoulder bags for 2 years. Work fine. I am a light-packer for baby stuff though.

    2. Loved the ergo for walks. My kid would not tolerate any wraps or carriers inside. Was always super active.

    3. My main pregnancy craving was egg sandwiches. I didn’t leave the fried eggs completely runny, but medium, definitely not cooked through. To me, it was worth the tiny risk of food poisoning. Eggs are so good for you and no one wants overcooked eggs.

  22. I’m really happy for Brian and all, but am also super jealous. My wife is pregnant with our second and BOTH babies would kick for my wife and then totally STOP all movement when I put my hand on her belly. Then start kicking like crazy again when I removed my hand. It’s fine. I didn’t get upset at all. I was totally cool it. 🙁

    We use a skip hop portable changing pad/bag thing that we can put in our regular backpack. It doesn’t it as much diaper stuff, but we have a nice daypack that we use so we can fit extras somewhere if we need to. We have diaper bags, but found that to be a lot more useful

  23. First of all, I LOVE reading your blog and love your podcast. You are rockin’ this pregnancy too!
    1. An ordinary backpack would totally be OK for a diaper bag. But if you want one that specifically says “diaper bag”, go for it. You do you!
    2. I can’t help you on the babywearing. My kids are too old and they didn’t have much when they were babies.
    3. For my first pregnancy, I ate runny eggs EVERY DAY! They were seriously my food and I NEEDED them to survive pregnancy. Funny thing, my son LOVES eggs. He has since he could eat solid food and pretty much eats them every day. He is now 16 years old and nothing has changed. Whenever, he is stressed or in a bad mood, he eats eggs and life is better!

  24. Oh! Diaper bags. As a veteran of four kids, I can tell you get the backpack. Make sure it stays securely on your back. You will want your hands free for holding the baby and other things, and having a diaper bag slide down your arm while you’re chasing a toddler (they do grow up and become toddlers) is no bueno. I actually just used my old Jansport backpack that I had from college. honestly. It worked great.

  25. When I was pregnant with my second (now a teenager, hello, I’m old), I had been on a vegan diet for a while and I suddenly craved fried eggs like CRAZY. And yes, with soft yolks, because hard yolks are gross and you can’t dip your toast in them. So I figured, hey, my body wants fried eggs, and I ate a lot of fried eggs. With semi-runny yolks. And he was fine. I was fine. I never once read anything in my pregnancy books about it back then; they said no raw eggs, but that’s a no-brainer.

    Turns out, fun fact, eggs have a lot of something that helps the baby’s brain develop. So my body was telling me, self, we need to help the baby’s brain. I think it’s lutein? Something like that. I’d ask your OB, but if you really want an internet stranger’s take, I’d say avoid raw meats and fish and eggs, but a soft-cooked egg is probably fine, especially if your eggs are very fresh and clean.

  26. 1. I’ve used a regular small backpack (one of those Fjallraven) for all diaper bag needs since Day 1. Honestly, you don’t need that much stuff. I have a separate zippered bag that holds all the diaper changing stuff (pad, wipes, doggie bags, diapers, cream) and everything else just goes in (toys, extra outfit, food, snacks, swaddle). Big bags are so unnecessary!
    2. I use the Beco Gemini. Recommend it so, so highly. Super easy to use, no Velcro to snag on clothes or wake up baby with the riiiiiip, and easily can use facing in, facing out, or on the back. No infant insert needed. Cute fabrics. Easy to wash. Love it.
    3. I ate runny eggs all through pregnancy. I already gave up runny cheese, cured meats and sushi (sob!) and had to cut back on carbs due to gestational diabetes (double sob!), so damned if I was going to eat eggs over hard too.
    Great job handling the aggressors!

  27. I just threw a changing station (like a SkipHop Changing Station) into whatever purse/backpack/satchel I was carrying around that day. Everything extra that I needed for a baby seemed to fit just fine in my purse so I never got a real diaper bag. We actually had 2 and kept one in my husband’s car because he notoriously forgot diapers for the babies when he left with them.

  28. Hi Ali! Just wanted to chime in on the diaper bag question. It doesn’t matter what kind of bag you get. That being said, I do think it helps to have a separate bag (instead of just using a tote or backpack as your purse and diaper bag combo) so you, Brian, or another helper can grab it pre-loaded with what may be needed. We just leave our loaded diaper bag with our baby’s stroller. Also, if you get a regular backpack, I recommend getting a little changing pad to keep in it (they often come with diaper bags). It’s helpful for both sanitation and also padding when you have to change your baby out of the house.

    I really want to hear the super nice thing that Brian did!!!

  29. I’m not pregnant and I would have punched those stupid people. Stupid people are the worst.
    For babywearing I would say a stretchy wrap first (Moby, Boba…) and then a more structured carrier when they are heavier. I had a Boba stretchy wrap and carrier and liked them, but try carriers out before buying if possible as they all feel different and work different for different people. I didn’t love my structured carrier but my husband did…so it’s really a matter of feel. But the stretchy wrap is so awesome when they are tiny (and big boob accommodating ?)!

  30. 1. I use a cheap regular backpack from amazon, the only thing i noticed that was different with diaper bags versus regular bags were the changing pads, which I don’t think I ever even used.

    2. I started with an ERGO 360, and hated it on account of it killing my back, plus forward facing the baby isn’t that recommended for long periods anyway, so I switched to the Tula, because it was cute. But it was also amazingly comfortable, and I’m now obsessed with it and used it until my giant child was 2 (had to stop on account of a vertebrae fracture from cancer, not even the carrier.) I recommend finding a baby wearing group that will let you try on different types of carriers and see what works best for you! (

    3. You do you. I don’t think they’re going to hurt you. #notadoctor. This is a good question for Dr. Meggy, since she is #adoctor.

    SOOOO excited for you guys! Also, we’re in north NJ all the time, if you ever want to try out either of our carriers or gear, or just get out of the house with another mom.

  31. Unbelievable re: the OTF jerks. I had the opposite situation on Sunday. I asked two women if they would be in my group and they said “Oh gosh, you don’t want us, we would just slow you down.” Slow me down? I do my own thing you do yours. I told them at the end of class we will all be done and will have gotten great workouts. They must have encountered people like your two weirdos. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as competitive as the next gal but that’s just not the time or place for it. Compete with yourself and be done with it. Also, you look great!

  32. I actually asked a forty five year old man if he needed a few minutes to himself, something I ask the five year olds in my life, so he can handle his feelings in private. This was at work as he was yelling at someone half his age for absolutely no reason.

    Not sure it is your hormones, think there was something in the water this week.

  33. I definitely had an angry hormone week around that same time. Everyone and anyone was pissing me off. It was the week before spring break (I’m a teacher) and I remember thinking thank god because I would have killed someone if I didn’t get a break!

  34. OMG are you kidding me?!? I’m more enranged about the lady than the guy! The guy clearly has his own issues and I pity him… the lady though was just… not even rude… just plain stupid! Way to show her who’s boss!
    And your week 23 was my week 22… I suddenly found myself crying every freaking day and just feeling so anxious/sad/pissed/helpless! Thankfully last week went much better 🙂

  35. I love the ergo. My little peanut was extra small so I used it with the infant insert for an extra long time. But now he is a 1 year old and I still use it. So much easier than a stroller.
    I ate runny eggs. But I get my eggs from a local farmer so I can personally view the health/cleanliness of the chickens.

  36. I used the Baby K’tan for my kiddo for baby wearing and I LOVED it. It was simple to figure out and we used it up until she was 18 months old. Made my life 100 times easier when on the go, and I used it for exercising. I’d throw baby in there and go for a long walk while she napped. I could also breastfeed in the wrap.

  37. So two comments.Well Three.
    1. You look amazing. You are rocking this pregnancy thing.
    2. that woman is a complete wagon. If you haven’t heard of a wagon before, it is an insult, which is defined as an unpleasant and disliked woman. It is an Irish insult and has to be said with as much ggrrrrrr behind it as possible. I am doing it for you. She’s a wagon.
    3. I was just last week watching a programme about eggs in the UK and their health service has recently relaxed its rules about pregnant women eating only cooked through eggs. I am not sure whether there are recommendations around how many per week etc but it is something to do with vaccinations against salmonella. not sure whether that is helpful or not but I took note because my sister in law is pregnant and I immediately called her to tell her.

  38. Normal backpack is fine! Nappy bags usually have a flimsy changing mat, somewhere to store a bottle, which i never used (was breastfeeding), and are about three times the price. I just got a nice cath kidston backpack (do you have that in the states?!)

    I would try a few baby wearing options before you buy, baby might not like being worn, or might only like it in certain circumstances… I have used a close caboo, manduca and baby bjorn (all got on ebay, sooooo expensive new). The bjorn isn’t good for baby’s hip development though, and all the weight is on your shoulders so it is not comfortable, i don’t know why they’re so popular!

    Omg eggs. I am in the UK and in my last pregnancy the rules were that you couldn’t eat runny eggs, devastating! I’m pregnant again now (due 2 weeks before you!) and we’re allowed eggs now, according to the nhs! But i think all our chickens are vaccinated against salmonella… don’t know if yours are.

    Enjoying reading about your pregnancy! Those orange theory people needed a slap. Fair play to you for being so calm. I would have sat on them.

  39. I have a 5 month old so this is all still in my head!
    A) we have a diaper backpack from amazon, we love it, it’s not much different from a normal backpack but it does have a place for bottles that are insulated.
    B) I have a boba wrap that is very similar to a moby wrap— my baby literally loves that thing… It is so nice to be able to be hands-free, and baby likes to be close to mom! They feel all warm and can hear your heartbeat so makes them happy! Also it is perfect to have on when people try to touch your baby— protects them from all the germy people’s hands!! ?

  40. 1. We have the older version of this and it’s good! How it’s different from a regular backpack is that there’s a changing pad that goes into a separate compartment in the back, which is good to put down atop public changing tables OR good to use when you get into the bathroom and realize there is no changing table and you need to change your baby on the floor. Which happens somewhat frequently to us. Maybe because it’s inappropriate to take babies to breweries, IDK.

    2. I have the Baby Katan (for me) and the Tula (for me and Paul). The Katan takes a little figuring out and it feels too small if you buy the right size, but once you get it, it’s great. Instant nap producer. You need an infant insert to use the Tula under 15 lbs and I found that hard to work with, but now that he’s bigger, it’s v easy to use. (I will put him in it when we go to Wegmans and he looks around in wonder for like 5 minutes and then passes out.) Neither is super comfy to wear for really extended periods, tho.

    3. I think it’s okay if they’re pasteurized, which grocery store eggs are. ???

    4. I love answering these kinds of questions keep asking them so I can feel like I’ve learned things about being a parent! 🙂

  41. What complete assholes!

    My pregnancy was many moons ago but I would crave the same thing every day in week-long stretches. Chili for 7 days, then lemonade, then enchiladas, then cheesecake, etc…and milk every morning. Never drank milk before or again after. Gotta give the babies what they want!

    Very happy for you guys.

  42. Who yells at someone for being on a machine? And old women do not get why pregnant women workout. I got so many comments about running and teaching weight lifting and Pilates during my pregnancy. I totally would have punched both of them! Kudos to you for not!

    I had a baby sling for carrying my daughter around. Those wrap things looked so complicated. She did enjoy it. Diaper bags might have more pockets than a regular bag and ours had an insulated pocket for bottles but you can totally get away with a regular backpack.

    You look amazing! As does Ellie!

  43. I don’t have any answers to your last 3 questions because I’m 15 weeks pregnant right now and wondering the same things. I do have a book recommendation though! Check out “Like A Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy.” I’m about halfway through right now, and it has been really interesting and MUCH less anxiety inducing that What to Expect.

  44. Oh man, I feel you on OTF weirdos. I wouldn’t be sad if they permanently abandoned these group workouts because there is always some insane person making a big deal about nothing. Or switching wrong. Oy. And for the record, the pregnant ladies in my classes have always kicked everyone’s butt 🙂 ANYWAY, new to your podcast and blog and am so glad to have found you! Fingers crossed for a less annoying week 24 🙂

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