Baby on the Run: Week 18

Baby on the Run: Week 18

This week was very exciting and baby-focused!

First exciting thing: We had our anatomy scan appointment with our midwife on Wednesday. Everyone said this appointment would be so fun, and while it was great to see the baby onscreen for a full hour, I do feel we’re a bit spoiled by getting ultrasounds at every appointment. (I also imagine most people love this appointment because it’s generally when the ultrasound tech can tell the baby’s sex, which we have chosen not to be told.)

Also, I was really tired. I was flat on the table. It was dark. I almost fell asleep like 14 times.

But, the baby is measuring “perfect” (the ultrasound tech used that exact word, and I didn’t hate it, even though Brian says I shouldn’t use the word “perfect” — a sentiment echoed by my former editor at Dance Spirit), and weighed in at an estimated 8 oz. The baby was in a breech position, which made getting some of the measurements tricky, but ultimately we got to see two arms, two legs, two hands, 10 fingers, two feet, and 10 toes, as well as the brain, all four chambers of the beating heart (which was going around 141 BPM), and the kidneys.

Baby on the Run: Week 18
That’s our baby! A little more camera shy this time around.

As always, I asked the midwife what to keep in mind right now, and she asked if we were planning to take childbirth classes. My gut reaction was no. (We are doing infant/child CPR, though.) I’m in good hands with an OB/GYN, a midwife, and a doula, and I’m going to do whatever they tell me to do. I don’t want too much information, to be honest. Right now I feel very calm about giving birth and want to keep it that way. But she suggested one class (that our doula leads!), so I think we’ll do that, plus she recommended seeing a lactation consultant soonish (as in, pre-birth) to troubleshoot any issues I may run into postpartum when it comes to breastfeeding. I loved this suggestion, because I never would have thought to do that.

Next exciting thing: Immediately after the appointment, I got back home and I swear I felt three little kicks! I felt some movement when I was in Florida during Week 16, but these were definite kicks. By Friday night, baby was kicking like crazy (after dinner, full belly, flat on the couch = prime baby moving time, it seems), and on Saturday morning, I was in bed with Ellie and Brian was brushing his teeth and I started feeling the baby moving and kicking quite a bit. He came running in mid-brush, and felt a whole bunch of kicks. It was as awesome as everyone said it would be.

Finally, we started baby shopping. Well, we started baby searching. We went to some baby stores and decided on furniture we like, nursery styles, and some basic things. We haven’t started carseat research, so feel free to chime in with expert opinions on the very best ones!

Baby on the Run: Week 18
One week we will get a video of this weekly photo-taking process. Ellie is such a pro.

And for the weekly breakdown…


artichoke! One day this week, I was going to order a sandwich that sounded so good, but it had artichokes on it, and I felt like I couldn’t get it because that was basically like eating my baby. So I didn’t get the sandwich, and these stupid baby-is-the-size-of apps are confusing life-ruiners.

Baby on the Run: Week 18
Would’ve been delicious in a sandwich…


Pretty good. Good energy, skin isn’t too bad right now, and I generally feel like a normal human. Except the lower back / sacrum / sciatic pain I started feeling a few weeks ago is officially a thing. When I’m still for too long, like when I first wake up in the morning or after I’ve been sitting in my office for a few hours nonstop, it’s particularly stiff and painful. I got a great prenatal massage on Friday, and I felt nice and loose after. I also feel better after I exercise. But it’s annoying.


I worked from Brian’s office one day last week, and it was so funny talking to some of his employees about pregnancy so far. Many of them are in their 20s, and the first thing they asked was how I’m surviving going “this long” without drinking. Drinking is the thing I miss the least! I’m happy not to drink. I don’t miss it at all. I miss runny eggs and I miss spicy tuna rolls. I surprisingly don’t miss eating prosciutto. (OK, now that I thought about it, I kind of do.) I do miss Ambien, though…


This week was meh as far as workouts go. I was supposed to run the Spring Lake 5 Saturday morning, but had a change in plans, which I was very much OK with. Instead, I slept in (until 6:40 AM, rockin’) and had a lazy morning before eventually going out to run three miles. I think it took me 45 minutes. It was hot. I took lots of walk breaks. I made one bathroom stop. I think I’ve officially retired my Garmin, too. I’m just not concerned with how fast or slow I’m running, and I definitely enjoy running sans data right now. I also did the usual Orangetheory workouts, which were fine. I’m still hanging in around a 6 mph base pace, a 7-8 push pace, and a 9 all-out pace. (Pre-pregnancy paces were 7, 8-9, and 10-12.)

Baby on the Run: Week 18
SO TRUE. This tank is from Sarah Marie Design Studio — she was last week’s podcast guest! — and if you use the code ONTHERUN anywhere on her site, you’ll get 15% off. YOU’RE WELCOME.


Bigger sports bras! I finally ordered the Lululemon Enlite in a size bigger than I normally wear, and I am so much happier! Though I have a feeling I’ll be outgrowing this one in no time.


Do websites count? In that case,,, and various websites that make fun and cute baby clothes. (AKA not ones with sayings like “Daddy’s Little Princess” or “Mommy’s Little Slugger,” which I do not like, or the one that made Brian flip out at buybuyBaby, which would be the one with “dad-proof” instructions for dressing a child. “Seriously, is ANYONE that stupid?” That onesie is not funny. And is kind of insulting, IMO. I guess I have strong opinions about words on baby clothes…)

Baby on the Run: Week 18
“Let’s each pick out something special to get the baby today!” We left with nothing.


Fine. Nothing to report here. But getting out of bed in the morning is annoying because, after being horizontal all night, my back tends to hurt the most in the morning.

Baby on the Run: Week 18
Chillin’ in bed, waiting for baby to audition for the kickline team.


Nothing. Last week was a big baby week. Now this week is all about going to San Diego for the LIVE SHOW!

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  1. Hi, Ali,

    I had a wonderful experience with a doula (and a doula-led childbirth class or two). I found them super informative and I liked knowing a bit about what *could* (because everyone’s experience is different) be going down in labor and delivery. Just wanted to chime in – completely respect that everyone has a different choice, so cheers to whatever works for you. Congrats and enjoy this special time, the world loves a pregnant lady!

  2. Sorry about your back pain, it’s the worst!

    The more info you can get about breastfeeding in advance, the better. It’s extremely challenging for many.

    Check out Primary for baby clothes – no sayings or logos, all unisex, all bright colors, washes well, good quality – it’s my favorite for basics. Old Navy makes some cute more stylized stuff.

  3. Hi Alli! So confession time… I was a long time reader of your blog until a few years ago when I moved out of the country and life got crazy. But when I searched Instagram for bump pictures (you know, to see if I was the only one feeing #fatorpregnant?) I saw your picture AND WE’RE BOTH 19 WEEKS! So of course I’ve been going back and rereading your pregnancy posts and being like, yep, yep, yep- went through that. I’m so impressed you’ve been able to keep running! It feels like the worst thing to me right now and my pace is a solid 2-3 minutes per mile slower. Anywho… congrats on baby and I look forward to reading your updates!!

  4. See a chiropractor for your back pain! You’ll want one that is familiar with the Webster technique. Also, we love our Chicco Keyfit car seat.

  5. We loved the Nuna Pipa for an infant car seat. Very good safety ratings (most importantly) and one of the lightest to carry around (also key once you realize how much this makes a difference when lugging it around). It was also (relatively) easy to install as car seats go. It’s not cheap but we thought it was worth it based on safety reviews, etc. Like any car seat, you just have to research if/how it is adaptable with various stroller options (for our Baby Jogger Citi Select we just had to order some adaptor pieces to click it in.)

    Also totally with you on the baby clothes front. My husband is from England where one of his favorite stores is Marks and Spencer. They have a US site with free shipping over $30 or so and the baby clothes are really affordable, great quality and super cute / neutral – also great if you are planning to be surprised by the gender! We still order clothes all the time for my 1.5 year old.

  6. we used chicco keyfit infant carseat for probably a little longer than we were supposed to…but got a whole travel system. Jogging stroller and then the caddy frame as well. When my daughter was 1.5 years old, THEN we bought a carseat (rear and front facing) that will last for the rest of her life (i think)…. shit is honestly so confusing. Also, i had back pain for a couple weeks in the middle of my pregnancy and was like oh jeez, starting NOW?? and it didn’t last, so hopefully that is the case for you. LOVE THESE UPDATES!!!

  7. I took a breastfeeding class prior to my daughter being born and I’m glad I did. I didn’t remember everything, but it was more familiar when she was born. They went through so much information, it just made me more confident.

    Also, sign up for Lucie’s List. There is a lot of information on baby gear and then they send out emails every so often after baby is born for helpful tips on different milestones. I loved reading it.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear that you are having sciatica pain. I believe a professional yoga instructor can help. I’ve heard that the prenatal yoga can be very effective. Though I cannot vouch for that since I have not tried it out. Am still long way from receiving my bundle of joy.

  9. H&M has cute baby clothes! Lots of unisex stuff I think—or really just cool enough for any gender. And affordable!

  10. The Uppababy Mesa carseat was a no-brainer for us because it integrates seamlessly with the stroller. It also pops in and out of the base very easily (in your own car), and can be installed pretty quickly without the base (in a taxi). The baby hates it, though.

    I’m sure you’ve found many baby gear websites by now, but I liked for thorough, practical (but slightly dated) reviews of big-ticket items and for mom-to-mom advice on issues large and small.

  11. I hear you about words on baby clothes. Why ruin a perfectly good t-shirt with a naff slogan. Does naff translate outside the UK?! This is why no one lets me write t-shirt slogans.

  12. I’m sorry that you have sciatica! The worse. I had it from 20-35 weeks when baby was breech. You can get a prescription for the prenatal massages from midwife. I got like 40 done in that time period. Insurance out of pocket will already max out with delivering baby anyway, so free massages!

    Around 25-30 weeks will probably be more interested in learning about birth. Our midwives said there was a mindset shift around then.

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