Baby on the Run: Week 17

I felt like I was 17 weeks pregnant forever.

For the most part, time is cruising by. But this week felt long, and I feel like I’ve been telling people I’m 17 weeks for a month now.

Baby on the Run: Week 17
Tuesday morning tradition!


pomegranate! It weighs as much as a turnip, which means nothing since I’ve probably never held a turnip. It’s as long as the palm of my hand, and also roughly the size of an onion.


Good! During every class I take, this one Orangetheory instructor will look me up and down, look at my pace on the treadmill, and then ask, “It’s getting pretty tough, huh?!” or, “Doesn’t it suck now?!” And I laugh to be polite, but no, I don’t feel terrible. (I feel like…she wants me to complain? There’s a lot to unpack there, which I won’t do here.) Yeah, I’m slowing down. Yeah, my body is growing. But the second trimester is treating me really well. I’m also starting to get used to people telling me to stop running, which came out in full force this week! (Namely from relatives, grandmothers, my old track buddy Alfredo, and people who don’t have children or don’t know me at all. I laugh it off, or let them know that my doctor is all for it.)

Baby on the Run: Week 17
Ellie is such a pro.


Nothing memorable this week. I still don’t want salmon, though.


This was a really great week for getting sweaty. I felt awesome at Orangetheory on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and ran the Superhero Half Marathon on Sunday. I was able to run a little more than three miles during each OTF class (though it’s getting tougher to make it through classes without a pee break), and even got a few quick glimpses of my old paces (6.5 base, 8–8.5 push, and 9–10 on the all-outs, which isn’t all that far off from where I used to be). I feel weaker on the floor; pre-pregnancy, my coaches were encouraging me to use 20-lb. weights for bicep curls (instead of the 15s I adore), and it was tough, but I was doing it. Now, the 10s are my sweet spot. (I’m also not currently trying to get stronger. My midwife encouraged me to go a bit lighter with the weights, reminding me that now is the time to stay fit, not attempt to get more fit).

On Thursday, we ran a timed mile at Orangetheory. When I didn’t know I was a few weeks pregnant, I very proudly ran the mile in 6:26! Last week, I ran it in 7:32, and I felt comfortable the whole time. I’m proud of that!

Baby on the Run: Week 17
Cheesy post-mile pic. Always cheesin’.

After the half on Sunday, I was tired, but functioning. To be honest, I didn’t run all that hard. I took a lot of walk breaks, and when I ran, I ran at a really comfortable pace. I was mostly tired from being on my feet for a while. I was a little sore on Monday, but overall felt good.

Baby on the Run: Week 17
I don’t usually drink water during races (except marathons), but this time I did FOR THE BABY.


An old Athleta dress (it’s not a maternity dress, it’s just really stretchy), basically every night. In the morning, my stomach is flat-ish. By nighttime, it’s a very pregnant-looking stomach. And on Sunday, after the half, it was huge. (Is this science? Why did my stomach get so big after I ran? Is it because the baby was stretching out in there?! My mom says the baby was trying to get out because it’s sick of me bopping around all the time and just wants to chill. I think she was kidding.) Brian and I went to the New York Baby Show Sunday afternoon, and as we walked there, so many people on the street would look at my stomach and smile at me! And Brian reaffirmed that I “definitely looked pregnant” that day. (And one of my Orangetheory friends told me I am looking “voluptuous!”)

Baby on the Run: Week 17
I’m running out of poses. (But doesn’t the bump look bigger in clothes?! And post-run?!)

I also ordered a few maternity dresses, and some bigger sports bras. (Plus a few cute baby things!)


The best emails ever from my friends Sarah and Nari, which are filled with all their baby-related product recommendations, from strollers and sheet sets to postpartum underwear. Both are so thorough, so well-researched, and so helpful. The emails also includes input from their fellow formerly pregnant friends. Brian and I still have loads of decisions to make (Do I want a glider with an ottoman, or a more basic rocking chair that reclines? Is a Pack ‘n Play really necessary? Is the UPPAbaby Vista really a must-have, or will the slightly smaller Cruz do the job just fine? What’s the most comfortable / least fussy baby-wearing option?), but I feel much more at ease with all this intel to get us started.

Baby on the Run: Week 17
My mom sent this to me for Mother’s Day. I read it to Ellie. She fell asleep.


Meh. Brian got a bunch of new pillows, which are lovely, and I’ve retired the pregnancy pillow for a little while. Instead, I make a nightly body fort made of all six pillows on the bed. I build it before Brian comes to bed, and then when he gets to bed, he tries to wake me up and ask if he can please have some pillows, and I pretend I’m sound asleep and refuse to give them up. I’M SUCH A GOOD WIFE, WOW.

Baby on the Run: Week 17


If Ellie knows what’s up. Just kidding, I know she knows what’s up. On Sunday night, Ellie walked over to me, poked her head into my belly, hit it (gently) with her paw, and then brought me a ball, dropped it, and stared at my stomach. SHE BROUGHT THE BALL TO HER LITTLE SIBLING. Don’t laugh or tell me I’m wrong. She knows. And she’s ready for a playmate!

I also felt lots of movement on Sunday when I was trying to nap. Not kicks or anything dramatic (and nothing Brian could feel yet), but so cool to feel something dancing in there!

Baby on the Run: Week 17

As for names, we haven’t discussed it a ton, but there are two female names Brian and I both love and are pretty set on. That was easy. Boy names, not a clue. I had two that I liked, but now I don’t like them anymore. Tyler and Abby (my nephew and niece) FaceTime us all the time asking to see the baby, which is so cute, and they always have name suggestions. Tyler like Scarlett for a girl and Benjamin for a boy. Abby likes Mawness. I don’t know what that is or if it’s a female name or a male name. I have no idea. But over and over, she says to name “her baby” (that’s what she calls it, and she keeps telling her teachers at school that she’s having a baby) Mawness. (If we can’t settle on a good boy name, maybe we’ll go with Mawness after all. It’s growing on me!)

This week: Anatomy scan Wednesday, fun-running the Spring Lake 5 for the first time Saturday, and then flying to San Diego the following week for Ali on the Run Show LIVE!

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14 Responses

  1. Oh man. You’re niece cracks me up! I literally LOL reading this last paragraph. I hope you go with Mawness! Reminds me of ‘your highness’

  2. If you’re going to breastfeed, I would recommend a glider with an ottoman or foot stool. Your back will need the support since you’ll be spending hours of your day nursing. And make sure you get a good pump like the Spectra or Medela PISA. We loved our Rock ‘N Play. We do have a Pack ‘N Play (very basic one) that we use when we travel or if we’re out at a friend’s house in the evening and baby needs someplace to sleep. You can also put baby in there when you need baby to stay put while cleaning or cooking. For baby wearing I’d go with the K’tan for the newborn stage and then the Lillebaby or the Tula for older. I’m assuming your building has an elevator. If you have an elevator then you can get a heavier stroller as long as you have space to store it in your apartment. You might want to have a smaller stroller for your car for when you go on trips.

  3. We have a glider that also reclines! They make amazing things these days. Agree on the Rock n Play — they are cheap enough that even if your baby only uses it sometimes, it’s worth it. Pack n Play is not necessary unless you often stay in places that don’t have cribs — but every hotel we’ve ever been in has them! They are heavy and bulky and not at all travel friendly. We use the Cruz — though the Vista is recommended if you plan to have more than 1 little one, as the Cruz is not adaptable to carry two. The Cruz is plenty big enough to carry everything we need, and the slightly smaller frame makes all the difference with getting in and out of places. Love that you are keeping the sex a secret — we did too and it was the best surprise *ever*. All the best for a (continued) happy, healthy pregnancy!

  4. You want a good old fashion recliner! As a mom of 4 I can tell you that there was no better purchase. I can’t tell you how many times my babies fell asleep in my arms nursing or as I rocked them and was so grateful that the chair was super comfy because sometimes you don’t want to put them down when they are cuddled up with you. Trust me on this one.

    1. That’s what I was thinking! I definitely need something where I can put my feet up (so either a recliner or a sweet ottoman), and honestly, I don’t find most gliders all that comfortable! Thank you for the suggestion!

  5. tell me more about postpartum underwear! I am not pregnant, and won’t be for a long long while, but I feel like these are the things that people don’t share publicly, and I certainly want to know about.

  6. The Soring Lake 5 is a great race, and if I recall they let you use the bathrooms on the beach so no port a potties. Although just three weeks into parenting, the pack n okay is nice to give you a changing station in another room but is not a necessary purchase. Rock-n-play is great as well and should be assembled and ready to go. As is a swing and zip up sleepers, Velcro swaddles and pacifiers.

  7. Looking forward to the Live show! I’m 32 weeks today with our second baby and had an elderly man stop me yesterday on my run to tell me “that isn’t safe, you shouldn’t be doing that.” I said “I’m doing fine,” but really wanted to rip him a new one, Best wishes for a wonderful anatomy scan!

  8. – I’ll second the rock’n’play vote – cheap and magically sleep-inducing. Get it before the baby comes, because it’s especially useful during the newborn days.
    – I don’t know how much walking you do, but I’ve really liked the Vista. The large back wheels are great. And much of the price difference is because it comes with the bassinet – which baby can sleep or nap in, even when you’re at home.
    – You don’t need a pack’n’play right away, especially if you have somewhere (e.g. vista bassinet, rock’n’play) for baby to hang out in your living area. You may want a basic one later on to use as a baby jail while you’re trying to, say, cook and don’t want anyone crawling up your leg.

  9. Shopping for baby gear is overwhelming. In my opinion, the Pack n Play is totally unnecessary! We live in Chicago and it is not worth the space it takes up in our apartment. However, I would recommend a Rock N Play…a much smaller alternative. My son slept in one for the first two months of his life!

    1. Very overwhelming! And that’s what I was thinking re: a Pack n Play. Everyone keeps saying it’s good to have “for travel,” but eh. I don’t want it. Haha. (And thank you for the link to the Rock N Play!!)

  10. My mom went to a charity spin class with me when I was 7 mos pregnant and literally yelled at me during class even though I was barely moving with no resistance. She meant well! And my daughter came out fine, haha.

  11. You run as long your body let’s you! I made it to 8 months and then it was too uncomfortable. I taught a weight lifting class the night before I delivered. I had a lot of older people tell me to stop running too, they just didn’t get it. Your little bump is adorable!

    1. That’s the plan! If it feels good, yay! If it doesn’t, I’m not going to force it. That’s awesome that you were able to run through eight months! (And yes, my 94-year-old grandmother hates that I’m still running. “I had four babies and have never run a step in my life.” Haha.)

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