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Ali on the Run Show Episode 72: Liz Plosser, Women’s Health Editor in Chief

“This notion of balance is this unrealistic thing we’re all striving toward. If you allow yourself to know that and believe that, it takes some of the pressure off.” —Liz Plosser

When you picture an editor in chief of a major women’s magazine, your mind probably goes right to Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada fame. Now picture the opposite — someone brilliant, kind, caring, and passionate in the most upbeat, positive way — and you have Women’s Health editor in chief Liz Plosser. Liz was named EIC of Women’s Health at the beginning of 2018, and her rise to the role wasn’t fueled by fate. Liz, who grew up in Kansas City, MO, worked her marathoning booty off to get to where she is today. After starting out as an investment banking analyst, Liz followed her dreams (literally) and moved into publishing. She started out at Self, and rose through the ranks at Time Out Chicago, Cosmopolitan, Well+Good, Canyon Ranch, SoulCycle, and more. On this episode, Liz discusses the challenges and perks of her job, talks about being a busy mom of three, and shares why she’s proud to be a “nice girl.” Enjoy, and wish Liz luck before she lines up at the start of the Popular Brooklyn Half next weekend!

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Liz answers: Was being the editor in chief of a women’s magazine always the goal? (2:45)
  • Why Liz traded investment banking for publishing, and what that transition was like (8:25)
  • The career moves Liz made that led her to her current role as editor in chief of Women’s Health — including the decision to leave New York City for a while (11:30)
  • Liz’s take on whether the publishing industry is a catty, cutthroat one or a place where mentors and nice girls are easy to come by (20:55)
  • What it was like getting the call (22:25)
  • What Liz says makes Women’s Health so special, and whether she was nervous about stepping into the EIC role (24:45)
  • The words, phrases, stories, and topics Liz and her team are avoiding, and the changes Liz has started implementing at WH (26:30)
  • What Liz is doing to make Women’s Health different (29:20)
  • The types of stories that get Liz most excited (33:40)
  • The types of people Liz wants to hire, plus more career advice (43:20)
  • Liz talks about meeting her husband, having three kids, and becoming a runner, plus where her relationship with running is at right now (44:45)

What we mention on this episode:

Women’s Health

University of Chicago

Time Out Chicago



Team in Training

Lucy Danziger


Princeton University


Canyon Ranch

Joanna Coles


Marie Claire

Joyce Chang

Conde Nast




Amy Keller Laird

How Not to Get Pregnant via Cosmopolitan


Popular Brooklyn Half

Desi Linden on Episode 64 of the Ali on the Run Show

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  1. Hi Ali! Have you tried out the face products yet from your doc? I’m in need of a new facial care routine! Mary Kay ain’t cutting it for me lol.

    1. Not yet! My skin miraculously cleared up for a bit (second trimester, maybe?) so I held off on ordering anything new, but now it’s not so great again, so I’ll let you know when/if I try it out! For now I’m still just using some Peter Thomas Roth (pregnancy-approved!) spot treatment. But ugh.

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