Ali on the Run Show Episode 9: Sarah Conklin, 3:37 Marathoner and Picky Bars Employee

The Ali on the Run Show

Episode 9

Guest: Sarah Conklin

Sarah Conklin is perhaps best known on the internet as the blogger behind “Once Upon a Lime.” She lives in Bend, OR, where she works for Picky Bars, the sports bar company founded by professional athletes Lauren Fleshman, Jesse Thomas, and Stephanie Bruce. Before that, she worked for Oiselle, the women’s athletic wear company, and was an avid marathoner. Now, after taking a bit of a break from the marathon distance, Sarah is back at it, training under Lauren Fleshman’s guidance. On this episode, we talked about everything from what a day in the life of a Picky Bars employee is like (bonus: it sometimes includes starting the day on the ski slopes) to failed Boston Qualifying attempts to getting a divorce in your twenties. Sarah was super open and honest, and offered up some great insights about relationships, growing up, and changing her perspective on running.

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Show Notes:

Once Upon a Lime

Picky Bars


4:20: Emily Halnon on Episode 1 of the Ali on the Run Show

4:35: Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon recap

11:10: Follow Lauren Fleshman

13:00: Elyse Kopecky

19:30: Sarah’s post about her divorce

29:30: Fleshman and the Mid-Packer

29:30: Cleveland Marathon

49:15: Sarah’s Ragnar SoCal Relay recap

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5 Responses

  1. I loved this! I felt as though I was hanging and drinking wine with you even though I was commuting on a Monday morning…
    Love the podcast Ali!

  2. Listened to this podcast on the treadmill yesterday. Really enjoyed it. I’m a runner (normally outdoors, but it was sleeting) and cyclist with a Crohn’s diagnosis (I haven’t fully accepted that, even though it’s almost been 2 years since my diagnosis). Anyway, had to laugh that your guest works for Picky Bars. I found a few week old 1/2 eaten Picky Bar in my cycling backpack last weekend and proceeded to take a few bites while on my ride before deciding it was probably a bad idea and I trashed the rest of it. Update: it was a bad idea. Anyway, I love fresh Picky Bars (and the creative names they have for their products) and this episode was great. Thanks!

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