Ali on the Run Show Episode 3: Alison Desir, Founder of Harlem Run

The Ali on the Run Show

Episode 3

Guest: Alison Desir

Alison Desir is a runner, writer, and blogger, and is the founder of Harlem Run. She was the driving force behind the recent Run 4 All Women, a run from Harlem to Washington, D.C., that raised more than $100,000 for Planned Parenthood. Alison is also the creator of the Harlem One Miler, which is in its third year and will expand to Detroit, MI, later this year. Alison and I talked about how running helped her through a period of depression, how she created Harlem Run, which now boasts 250 people at its workouts, and what her plans and goals are for the Harlem One Miler.

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Show Notes:

2:20: Harlem Run

3:30: Team in Training

4:00: Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego

12:20: Follow Amir

12:45: Follow Mary Arnold

13:15: Meet Kai

16:40: Harlem United

17:00 Harlem One-Miler

23:00: Run 4 All Women

32:40: Finish Line Physical Therapy

45:00: Project Start

45:00: Candice Huffine

1:00:00: Mary Wittenberg

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